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Real Style

I've decided that I'm going to go out, at least once a week, and capture images of what I consider to be interesting and stylishly dressed people that I encounter. You know, what ever just takes my fancy and looks good to my eye. So, to start this series off, I'd like to present two people I encountered today that I thought were well dressed and interesting:

All images - A Colourful Guy

I liked this woman's outfit because of the colour combinations and the relaxed ease it has. Although it can't be seen well in the photo, the detailing on the back pocket of the jeans is also orange. She was a bit shy about being photographed - I can't blame her really - as she thought I might be up to no good. I assured her I wasn't. ;)

All I can say about this outfit is... Wow! I love the colour of the coat! And, the way it's all tied together with the long sleeve print tee, the tights and the boots.

Oh, god! Who is this wanker and what does he think he's doing? Oh, wait! That's me! LOL! :)