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Happy Birthday, George Clinton!

Image/Nitin Vadukul

I totally overlooked this! However, I just found out that the father of P Funk, George Clinton, turned 68 on July 22.

I had the pleasure of meeting George once when I worked at Warner Bros. Records head office in Burbank, California back in the late 80s. And, I had the immense pleasure of seeing him perform twice in Washington, D.C. when his bands were at their most popular. They put on a fantastic show both times!

While any who's every seen Parliament-Funkadelic perform live will know exactly what I'm talking about, to those that haven't, no one could extend a groove the way this band could.  Throw in a heavy dose of acid inspired guitar wailing, and that, mixed with all the marijuana smoke that was floating around the venues,  outrageous costumes worn by the band - a diaper wearing, dummy sucking guitar player - made for an experience that was almost transcendental.

Happy Birthday, George. And, many more to come!

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