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Kevin Griffiths (UK) @ Coherent!

Kevin Griffiths - Cantona Kung Fu

Kevin Griffiths (UK) @ Coherent Video!

A little about Kevin Griffiths: Tsuba Records is Kevin's label and one of his great passions. Launched in Jan 2006 Tsuba is now firmly established as one of the UK's leading imprints releasing deep, sexy underground house music. Its the second most charted UK label on RA. .... I've been a DJ for more than 10 years and play all over....Watergate, Fabric, Lost Baggage in Sydney, Zouk in Singapore, Snatch in Miami, City Hall in Barcelona and for Mandarine Crew in Mexico City. Kevin came out to Australia last year and enjoyed his tour so much he thought he would come back for 4 weeks this year to get amongst it in Aussie and lucky us extended his visit to come to Auckland NZ.

With Last Minute Events providing the entertainment he will surely be in for a wicked gig down in the Subterranean bunker that is Coherent. With B.P.M Live on perc + Full decor, Lighting and a smoke machine set up, this party is going be loose.

Means dress up in those leopard skin bikinis, Get your feral West undies out , Find your Flintstone wigs , mud , scruffy the hair, daub yourselves with war paint , bring sticks and old wooden paddles or anything related