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The ARC @ Brrrkinos Video!

© 1 Snap Music!/Bill Gray 2011 All rights reserved.

Photos from the night can be seen @


After a lengthy ban from Rakinos, following our prior ban, it looked like THE ARC would never return to the hallowed house above High Street, Rakinos Funk Lounge.

We watched from the fountain as our friends enjoyed the balcony, sold out shows and the charming hospitality of the staff with one resolve - THE ARC would be back.

This year, we would like to reintroduce to you


BRRR (with guests)

Back for one night before we are banned again, THE ARC would like to invite you to wreak havoc in the CBD with us.

Joining us will be ex-pat rapper YOUNG LEAN keeping it greazy with a set of all new material and an ice cream face tatt.

Come down town to get it in with the weirdoes, snakes, shorties and petty hustlers in a place we are once again accepted -

Ima bad boy but still there's so much good in me
You can take me out the hood the hood is still in me
I needa girl to feel herself but can still feel me
Just let me be ya only choice no need for planB!
My love life is malnutritions you my vitaminC-
Stay down like hillary and I can be ya billy
I'll buy ya jada pinky pinkies im tha biggest willy
Just when I give it throw it back just like we playin
Frisby I can do it by myself but i'd be very lonely
Be tha diva who's my lover and my closest homie
So if you sick and tired of bein sick and tired call me
Pick up the yellow pages and look up gucci! (gucci!)


The Jerk Movement