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Fat Laced Funk feat K+Lab (NZ) & JDubs (UK) @ Rakinos

K+Lab and Micah - A Whole Lotta Feel Good Mix

Friday, April 1 at 9:00pm - April 2 at 3:00am

Rakinos Cafe

Wellington NZ based K+Lab ( Caleb Cowie ) is one funky Son of a preacher man! Born and raised a Jehovah's witness he rebelled against the cult like religion and found his comfort and relief through music. At the tender age of 10 he received his first guitar from his older brother Joe. From there spawned an ever growing love for music, learning to play the Bass guitar, Drums, Synths.

This live music background comes through in K+labs music and shows giving him a reputation as a party rocker with high energy vibes and whacked out costumes, he insists on bringing the madness to each and every show. This approach has gained him countless slots alongside some of the finest Electronic artists the world has to offer such as Bassnectar, Freq Nasty, Shapeshifter and many more.

K+lab has delved in to many styles of music but feels now he has the perfect balance of all his previous loves, this has helped him create a sound unique to him "It's a combination of all my favourite genres, Drum n bass, Breakbeat, Funk and Hip hop, it's like I'm Charlie sheen, I've managed to convince all my girlfriends to live together." This formula has helped him gain global support releasing music on Skanky panky (UK) and Empathy records (NZ).

His first release Wrecked featuring Analog MC instantly hit number one on download charts and went on to become one of the top downloads of the year across several stores in 2009. Following on from Wrecked he put together The whole world's ill EP, has remixed Opiuo, Minuit, Kolab and William Breakspear as well as dropping his dancefloor destroying Talking Smack.

London born, JDubs represents the truth and the light. Universally maneuvering through mind pollution and systematic lies and manipulation to speak to one's soul. Knee deep in the beats, 9 rhymes later JDubs is set to drop multiple albums.

JDubs has featured on the Pacific Heights album In A Quiet Storm, toured with Shapeshifter and worked with beatmakers Parks, P-Money and Charles Kickens.