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DJ Revolution (USA) Live @ Arcade Video!

Photos from the evening can be seen at

Saturday, September 17 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm

At age 12, DJ Revolution began DJing on a makeshift mixer and belt drive turntables assembled by his grandfather.

11 years later, he moved to LA to pursue his dreams as a hip hop DJ.

On a chance invite to play a small set on the legendary Wake Up Show, Revolution walked in to the midst of hip hop royalty. Amongst the crowd in attendance were the show's hosts - Sway and King Tech, as well as Rob Swift from the X-Men and Q-Bert's entire Skratch Piklz crew.

Jumping on the airwaves with a mixer he had never seen before, Revolution delivered an amazing showcase and sealed his pass to the hip hop hall of fame.

Invited on to the Wake Up Show as full time DJ, Revolution has manned the most prolific hip hop show in the world for the last 10 years, and participated in some of hip hop's most important moments.

He is signed to NYC's Duck Down Records.

This Saturday night Arcade invites you to share in the legendary moment some 10-odd years ago, when Revolution rocked the turntables in a legendary showcase.

Watch Revolution take to the decks before his Saturday night gig and witness one of the most skilled turntablists in the world today.