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Bass Kleph (AU) @ FuZen/Dropped Xmas Party

Bass Kleph - DJ Mix

A DROPPED party the last weekend before Christmas at the biggest club in New Zealand with one of Australia's best DJs and free entry if you're dressed as Santa.


DROPPED went slightly overboard this year so join us as we kick 2010 in the cunt and wave hello to 2011!

What could be better than seeing a mob of wasted Santa's with a few Mrs. Claus' in tow? Bugger all, which is why if dressed in costume you will be allowed in for free before midnight. The door is capped at $10 the whole night for everyone else. Cheap. Go.

Local Support:

Dan Aux
Sam Hill
Daniel Farley
Nick Collings
Audio Harassment
Bent Serum
Jono Peters
Shane Aylett
Mobility Scooter
Nick Sandford
Scott Yearbury

as for the man himself..

Since selling out Be seven months ago Bass Kleph has been crowned with having the highest selling dance song of 2010 with his remix of Shakedown. Out of like, the entire world. He has been busy touring the UK and USA, even popping in for a show in Kazakhstan where he ate horse. But most excitingly, he has added a drum machine to his set.