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Image and Miks (NZ) - HOLIDAYS WERE THE N▲RK!

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From The Poet - Image & Miks

Wednesday, July 13 at 10:00pm - July 14 at 8:00am

The Third And Social
3 Galway St, Britomart
Auckland, New Zealand

First of all we’ve got IMAGE & MIKS. Mysterious new hip hop duo made up of some old heads (including Mr Mohi Owens) taking a fresh approach, with jazzy boom bap beats and underground lyrics. Still need more proof they’re stooped good? Check this-​elect/07-from-the-poet/

Next up we’ve got what I suppose you would call a supergroup? One half is Dylan Cherry, Tabac resident and member of the Rekkit party promotion duo The Queens Street Holligans. The other half is one Miles Loveless, better known as potentially one of NZ’s greatest musical experts of recent times- Pikachunes. Together, their powers combine to form KANED & ABLE.

Next up holding down the back bar on a classic/instrumental hip hop tip is one third of All Black Everything, SHEAHAN HURI, pulling a solo real name no gimmicks DJ set for a change.

Also featuring in a Nark debut is Jason Gundry, AKA FUNKNDIRTY, keeping it funky and, well, dirty, on a hip hop tip. Party hip hop and funky shit to keep you keeping on until buses commence on Thursday and are able to take you the fuck home.

So stack ‘em up with ya residents and you have:

Kaned & Able
Image & Miks (LIVE)
Funk & Dirty
Sheahan & Huri
Daniel & Farley
Lost & Boys
Mad & World
Josh & Jake