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The N▲RK - Jupiter Project + DJ Draft

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Alive - Jupiter Project

So ah, it seems by the line of 200+ mother fuckers that I counted at midnight last week, that holidays are close. With only one day left of the semester officially, next week is guaranteed to be massive even if I don’t use lots of swear words and superlatives in this write up (don’t worry, I still will).

After last week’s success the back bar will be operating at R20 only again, playing strictly hip hop and random experimental instrumentals etc. Headlining we have the one and only DJ DRAFT. Dude plays a whole host of dope funk/hip hop, check it out here then get along to see him fuck shit up live-

And headlining the Main room, we have something very special indeed. Some dope dude’s causing quite a fucking commotion on several radio stations, with seriously infectious alternative infused hip hop, often laced with such heavy beats it leaves them feeling like a mix between Drake, Diplo and Does It Offend You, Yeah. Yes it’s JUPITER PROJECT. Check out their debut track here

Last but not least, we’ve also got back George FM/TVNZ U’s most humorous, yet musically plugged in, Monday night duo- Monty & The Face.

So throw in a couple of new faces and we’ve got a ridiculous massive line up that consists of:

▲Jupiter Project (LIVE)
▲DJ Draft
▲Monty & The Face (George FM/TVNZ U)
▲Lost Boys
▲Mad World
▲Jake & Josh
▲Michael Ross (he knows he's playing now)

So naturally it’s going to be a party of epic proportions, so again I warn you get in early. It also means you’ll get the jump on drink specials and get to see all of the colossal line up.