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Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10


Image/Highlife Entertainment

Hi all,

My mates, Adam Bennett and Anna Jobsz, are kicking off what promises to be the party of the decade tomorrow at Matakana Country Park just 45 minutes north of Auckland.

Since yours truly has VIP/Media access you can bet your last dollar that I’ll be there snapping away and partying on and on until the break of dawn! ;)

Highlife New Years Eve Experience 2009/10 features a huge line-up of musical acts this year and I’ll do my best to get up-close and personal with my favourites. Hopefully, they’ll be some of your favourites too. If not, oh well, you should have bought a ticket and come to the show yourself! ;)

For more information – I think there might be some tickets left – please click here.

Holla like you know, even if you don’t!

Kind regards