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Shots of the Day – Night Flowers

Images/A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

Hi all,

Please enjoy these photography and simple image editing experiments I thought I’d share with you all above.

The subjects are some flowers in a vase that A Colourful Gal loves to keep on our glass top table in the lounge. While I don’t tell her this nearly often enough, I appreciate her doing so, as it adds some real beauty to our home.

I’m really enjoying my new camera and am learning more about it features and functions with each passing day. As a matter of fact, I’m enjoying it so much I’ve decided to take some photography classes very soon.

It’s not that I don’t know how to use an advanced camera, nor do I have any problems with image composition, it’s just that I believe a seasoned pro could teach me some tricks that might take me years to acquire on my own.

Kind regards