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Shots of the Day – Max the Cat

Images/A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

Hi all,

I’d like to introduce you all to my main man, Max the cat. Featured above is a slideshow of him enjoying his favourite toy, a clothes hamper from the $2 shop! ;)

Max came to us several months ago as a stray along with his queen, which we named Cindy, because she had a little beauty mark on her upper jaw that reminded me of supermodel Cindy Crawford’s mole.


Cindy and Max had been hanging around our house for about a week when we started wondering what was going on with them as they both looked rather ragged and malnourished as if they had been living rough for awhile.

Well, it turns out that Cindy had given birth to three kittens in our garage as A Colourful Gal was to discover when she was out there one day.

Of course we took care of both Cindy and Max upon discovering that they were new parents; we fed them both, which was a real chore after awhile as Cindy was ravenously hungry due to the demands of milk production on her body, and so was Max as he was constantly having to fend off the other male cats in the neighbourhood that wanted a piece of Cindy and the kittens; we deflead them; I personally chased away Max’s rivals on numerous occasions and rescued him from several very sound ass kickings.

To make a long story short… Cindy and two of the kittens eventually went to the SPCA; the third got lost unfortunately. And, Max we decided to keep with us as we felt his temperament made his chances of being adopted rather low; he can be quite a grumpy prick at times, probably due to the fact that he was living feral for several years as we came to find out later, although he’s calmed down a lot now due to my efforts to socialize him.

Kind regards