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There's big imported designer clothing sale going on in Newmarket, right now, and it runs until 5pm Monday, June 1!

I've just come back from there, and they have a nice selection of stock, with plenty of menswear. Some examples: Armani, D&G, Prada, Versace, Cavali, Evisu and more. I was rather lucky to grab a D&G slim fit shirt for just $80, simply because the price had been marked wrong. Even on sale it should have been $200! Yeah! I know! Lucky me! :D

Anyway, the exact address, in case one can't read the flyer clearly, is 108 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket. And, please feel free to tell them that A Colourful Guy sent you. Don't expect to get any further discount because for that though. ;)

All images - A Colourful Guy

Jockin' My Style - Craig Mack

More old school NYC Hip-Hop at it's finest! ;)

Craig Mack @

The Date - Blu Mar Ten

This song has been on my play list for awhile now. And, I'm absolutely mesmerized by it every time I hear it.

Blu Mar Ten @

Mass Appeal - Gang Starr

Old school NYC Hip-Hop at it's finest! Forget about MC Ren at the end of the video. He was/is West Coast gangsta rapper and they can all go blow! ;)

Gang Starr @

Fashion - David Bowie

David Bowie @

Off shopping, again...

A'ight! I'm off for a bit of shopping this afternoon and I'll see what bargains I can find. To me, the hunting is almost as good as wearing the purchases themselves. *wink* But, who am I kidding though, really? I probably go shopping at least once a week. So, this isn't something new and exciting for me.

Speaking of shopping, I saw a great blazer from Escena the other day when I was out shopping with my lovely wife for her trip. It was only one hundred bucks and was quite unique and colourful; Definitely not something I've seen the average guy wearing around Auckland. However, most of the stuff I'm attracted to isn't something I'd see Auckland guys walking around in.

Anyway, if I do find something good today, I'll post some pix here later.

Kind regards