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Le Bien, Le Mal - Guru, MC Solaar

Another old school Hip Hop classic for you all today. This is taken from Guru's 1993 release entitled "Jazzmatazz Volume: 1". And, it's a CD that has remained constantly on my playlist throughout the years.

Guru @

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Pix Of The Day - Out and About in Highland Park

I had to run to the post shop this afternoon and ran across some interesting sights I'd like to share with you all...

Images/ A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

I've never been able to resist art supply displays - having an artistic background I couldn't though - and I was just entranced by all the wonderful colours of the one above. 

I'd actually considered pursuing a career as a fine artist at one point in my life. However, I like money too much to want to live like a pauper, which most artists do.

Images/ A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

Isn't this little man just delightful? I snapped these clandestinely during his quieter moments, as just seconds before he been exploring his mother's nose and mouth with his fingers, much to her annoyance it seemed. 

Happy Birthday, George Clinton!

Image/Nitin Vadukul

I totally overlooked this! However, I just found out that the father of P Funk, George Clinton, turned 68 on July 22.

I had the pleasure of meeting George once when I worked at Warner Bros. Records head office in Burbank, California back in the late 80s. And, I had the immense pleasure of seeing him perform twice in Washington, D.C. when his bands were at their most popular. They put on a fantastic show both times!

While any who's every seen Parliament-Funkadelic perform live will know exactly what I'm talking about, to those that haven't, no one could extend a groove the way this band could.  Throw in a heavy dose of acid inspired guitar wailing, and that, mixed with all the marijuana smoke that was floating around the venues,  outrageous costumes worn by the band - a diaper wearing, dummy sucking guitar player - made for an experience that was almost transcendental.

Happy Birthday, George. And, many more to come!

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Parliment @

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Center of Attention - Pete Rock & Ini

Pete Rock @

Pix Of The Day - Out and About in Auckland

I was out and about doing a bit of shopping today - photos of my finds later - and I just snapped these at random on my cellphone. Enjoy!

Antistar - Massive Attack

Massive Attack @


Zambesi has 3 locations in Auckland: Corner of Vulcan Lane & O'Connell Street, Auckland City; 169 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby; 2 Teed Street, Newmarket.

Stitch Ministry Winter Sale

Hi all! The crew of over at Stitch Ministry are having a big winter sale.  

Kylee Davis, the co-owner and design director, is a friend of mine. So, go buy stuff from her! ;)

Ancient Dreams Of The Sky - Transglobal Underground

I'm reaching way back into my archives today and bringing you a band that was multicultural well before it was hip to be so. They blended Indian, Middle Eastern, Jamaican Reggae and European Electronica musics together like none had before them and no one else really has since. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Transglobal Underground...

Transglobal Underground @