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Humanity - A Guy Called Gerald

Gerald Simpson (aka A Guy Called Gerald) has never really gotten the recognition he truly deserved as one of the chief founders of Acid House, Techno and Drum N Bass. Well, to help remedy this situation, please enjoy this song from his 2000 CD release "Essence".

A Guy Called Gerald @

Remember The Time? - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson @

Michael Jackson Dead at 50!

Wow! Talk about a shock! Apparently Michael Jackson is dead!

Michael Jackson dead at 50 on CNN

Johnny Gan Show - MADtv

Hello Thailand! Welcome to the Johnny Gan Show! LOL! :)

Lazy Girls

Image - A Colourful Guy

Kunta, one of our cats, and A Colourful Gal sleeping on the sofa tonight while I watch the telly. ;)

Real Style

I've decided that I'm going to go out, at least once a week, and capture images of what I consider to be interesting and stylishly dressed people that I encounter. You know, what ever just takes my fancy and looks good to my eye. So, to start this series off, I'd like to present two people I encountered today that I thought were well dressed and interesting:

All images - A Colourful Guy

I liked this woman's outfit because of the colour combinations and the relaxed ease it has. Although it can't be seen well in the photo, the detailing on the back pocket of the jeans is also orange. She was a bit shy about being photographed - I can't blame her really - as she thought I might be up to no good. I assured her I wasn't. ;)

All I can say about this outfit is... Wow! I love the colour of the coat! And, the way it's all tied together with the long sleeve print tee, the tights and the boots.

Oh, god! Who is this wanker and what does he think he's doing? Oh, wait! That's me! LOL! :)


Image - Zambesi

I can't really say that I'm a fan of any of the labels mentioned on the flyer. However, I do, on occasion, like some of the more colourful pieces that Zambesi does. And, occasionally, NOM*D will tickle my fancy. But, at least I told you about the sale! ;)

Zambesi has 3 locations in Auckland: Corner of Vulcan Lane & O'Connell Street, Auckland City; 169 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby; 2 Teed Street, Newmarket.

Skin Care

All Images - A Colourful Guy

My beautiful little granddaughter has decided to share her skincare regimen with us all. She tells me that a mixture of chopped, boiled vegetables and various raw fruit slices, applied liberally at least once daily all over the face and body, does wonders for her delicate complexion.

Seeing the end result, I'm inclined to agree with her. ;)


Image - Bloomberg News

Hi all,

It's come to my attention that Polo Ralph Lauren is holding an end of season sale that starts today. The Newmarket store will be selling clothes and accessories at up to 50% off the normal retail price. They're located at 277 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland

Personally, I've never been too keen on the American prep style of clothing that Ralph Lauren does. However, I have found myself liking a few select pieces from his more recent collections. So, I may just go down and check out the sale myself. ;)

Ms. Fat Booty - Mos Def

Mos Def @

Now, call me slow. But, I only very recently became a fan of Mos Def after checking out his "The New Danger" CD. What delighted me about the release, beside the excellent music throughout, was Mos' assertions that African-Americans invented Rock and Roll. Well, I've got news for you all: They did! Anybody with any serious knowledge of music history would only need reference the classic works of Mississippi Delta Blues artists to prove that African-Americans were indeed the founding fathers, and mothers, of what we call Rock and Roll today.

Champion Sound (Total Science Remix) - Q Project

The original version of this song was part my introduction to Drum N Bass when I lived in Brighton, England briefly during the 90s. I knew then that I was hearing something completely different from anything I'd ever heard before. And, I've been hooked on DNB ever since.

Q Project @

Voodoo Child (Live) - Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix @

African Youth Festival 09 Photos Uploaded

OK, guys! As promised, I finally uploaded all the photos I took at the African Youth Festival 2009.

The photos are quite raw, as there are quite a few of them. And, I really didn't have the time, nor the inclination, to remove every artifact from them.


I Miss The Sun...

Image - A Colourful Guy

I took this shot on an April afteroon while waiting for my wife to get off work. And, now that we are deep into Fall, I find myself longing for warm April's touch. I miss the Sun...

I Against I - Bad Brains

U.S. Hardcore Punk Rock pioneers! ;)

Bad Brains @

Now This Is It - Tiki Taanne

I had the pleasure at being at a performance where Tiki did an extended DnB version of this song a few years ago. And, he absolutely blew the crowd away with it. A taste of the DnB remix begins at 3:05 into the video.

Tiki Taane @

Mt. Eden Graffiti

All images - A Colourful Guy

I was out shopping in Mt. Eden this evening and came across some wonderful grafitti that I thought I'd share with you all.

Somewhere Here On Earth - Prince

What can I say about Prince that hasn't already been said before? Nothing really. But, I'll give it a shot: An innovator, a pioneer, a style icon, a class act and a musical genius! Here is he performing "Somewhere Here On Earth" on the penultimate edition of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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