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Shots Of The Day - Jorge Ben Jor (Brazil) After Party

Hi all,

Here they are, my best shots from the Jorge Ben Jor Afterparty which was held over at the Plaything Gallery!

It was a fun night and I’d like to thank Bobbito Brazuka for giving me access to the party.

Kind regards

Jorge Ben Jor After Party @ Plaything Photoset Preview





Hi all,

I just got home from the fabulous Jorge Ben Jor After Party which was held at the Plaything Gallery in Newton.

What a great night, full of beautiful Brazilian flavoured music and very hot looking Brazilian people!

I think I’m about ready to move to Rio de Janeiro!

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the gig to follow.

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - Tea Party 2nd Birthday @ Cassette #9

Hi all,

OK! You’re getting a double shot today with the photos because I need to clear the camera’s memory card! ;)

Anyway, last Thursday night after I got done snapping the Mampi Swift & MC IC3 gig, I stumbled into Cassette #9 to spend time with some dear friends. Well, little did I know that their Thursday Night Tea Party was in full swing, and was celebrating it’s second birthday!

Above are my best shots from the night.

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - Mampi Swift & MC IC3 (UK) @ Studio

Last Thursday night Drum N Bass legends, Mampi Swift & MC IC3, tore it up over at Studio.

I was fortunate enough to gain Media Access to the gig, thanks to a DJ/Promoter friend of mine, Michael Mikee Earley. And, with that access, I did my best to bring you some ill-ass photos from the night.

I’d like to personally thank Michael, and all of the staff over at Studio, for hosting a fine show and allowing me unlimited access.

For those of you that have not visited Studio yet, I highly recommend it. The staff were very helpful and courteous. And, much to my surprise, the security staff were not the usual bullyboys one typically encounters at Auckland clubs these days.

Kind regards

Thursday Night Tea Party 2nd Bday Photoset Preview





Hi all,

Last night, or this morning depending upon your prospective, those crazies over at Cassette #9 celebrated the second birthday of their Thursday Night Tea Party.

I happened to stumble into Cassette #9 around 3am, just in time to capture some nice photos.

Please be on the lookout for more snaps from the night!

Kind regards

Mampi Swift & MC IC3 (UK) @ Studio Photoset Preview





Aight, folks! Just a little taste of what went down at Studio last night during the Mampi Swift and MC IC3 gig!

They rocked the house with a mean-ass DnB set and it was a real treat to witness, even if it was a cold and rainy night.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the gig.

Kind regards

Bill Gray - 1 Snap Music! Founder Bio


Bill Gray (l) and Derrick “Mayday” May (r) at Be Club, Auckland, New Zealand, April 2010.

1 Snap Music! was founded in early 2010 by Bill Gray in order to present in a wilder, rawer, more visceral and artistic style of underground club photography generally not seen elsewhere.

The whole idea behind 1 Snap Music! is to present photographs that are truer to the vibe of a night at an underground club. Bill has found this vibe is often chaotic, powerfully sensual and gut wrenchingly direct. And, since no other photographer in the area was presenting the scene in it’s purest, artistic expressive form, Bill took it upon himself to do just that.

Bill Gray is a premier fine art underground club scene photographer currently living in Auckland, New Zealand whose work is constantly praised by those in the community.

Bill has photographed such notables as Carl Cox, Sharam, Ilse Violin, Shannon Ryan and Dan Aux, DJ Cash Money, DJ Norman Jay, Danielle Moore, Lord Bishop, Mystro, HavocNdeeD, Jillionaire, Hollie Smith, DJ Kentaro, DJ Pinch, Derrick May, MTron Bomb, Kevin Mark Trail, Riva Starr, DJ Zinc, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Dam Funk, Mampi Swift & MC IC3, Yolanda Be Cool, Steve Aoki, Bag Raiders, Laidback Luke and many, many more.

Bill was born in the United States and is of Western African, Native American and Western European descent.

Bill’s interests include photography, art, music, fashion, technology, science, meditation, clubbing and, of course, fun, outgoing people.

From a very young age Bill displayed a high aptitude for science and art, and he won his first art competition at the age of five. Throughout his education Bill was always at the top of his class in art and science.

At the age of twenty-three Bill relocated to Los Angeles and served as a consultant to Warner Brothers Records for several years, as well as numerous other high profile companies in the Southern California area.

Bill served as a consultant to numerous government agencies and high profile companies in the Washington, D.C. area prior to relocating to Los Angeles.

Known for his no nonsense, yet relaxed and outgoing manner, Bill easily makes friends wherever he goes. He’s frequently seen around the various Auckland nightspots where he’s been known to rock the party until the break of dawn.

To contact Bill Gray, please call +64-(0)21-293-4353 or check out 1 Snap Music! on Facebook.

A Shift In Focus – Resetting The Website


Hi all,

I’ve decided it’s time to reset the this blog/website and weed a lot of material that is no longer my focus.

As you can see, over the past several months I’ve become more interested in photographing the wonderful entertainment, nightlight and underground club scene that Auckland has to offer. And, since I have such a love for doing this, I think that it’s time that the website reflect this purely.

I’m working on some new magazine affiliations that will hopefully allow me access to even higher profile events than the ones I attend now.

I’ve, also, got my eye on some new photography gear that will enable me to present even higher quality photos to you.

The gear I have in mind will fit within my low tech approach of ‘one camera, one lens, one flash’. I’m not really interested in the technicalities of photography and I couldn’t care less about what other photographers are doing nor how expensive or how flash their gear is. Just give me a good simple camera with a high quality sensor, a good sharp lens and a powerful flash, and I’ve got all I need to take a great photo - everything else is superfluous.

I don’t need diffusers or ring flashes that can and do cost hundreds. Give me a white plastic bag, tape, rubber bands and some tubing, and I can make my own in a few minutes. And, the results will be the same as someone who spent thousands on their setup. ;)

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - Colin Mathura-Jeffree @ SPQR

Hi all,

Last Wednesday night everyone’s favourite New Zealand’s Next Top Model judge, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, celebrated his birthday with a intimate group of family and friends over at popular Ponsonby nightspot, SPQR.

I was fortunate enough to attend, even though I did arrive very late. By the time I got there either most people had gone home or were so drunk that having a conversation with them proved to be quite a challenge.

It was all good though.

I even gave Colin a birthday kiss on the lips – no tongue was involved - which he seemed to quite enjoy! ;)

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - Dâm Funk (USA) @ Fu Bar

Here they are, peeps – my best shots from Thursday night’s Dâm Funk @ Fu Bar gig!

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


Dâm Funk (USA) @ Fu Bar Photoset Preview






Hi all,

Just a little taste from the Dâm Funk @ Fu Bar gig which ended a few hours ago. All I’ll say about it right now is that Dâm put on one hell of a show.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the gig shortly!

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - Special Session @ Old Skate Factory

Here they are – my best shots from the Special Session @ Old Skate Factory gig.


Shots Of The Day - Detroit Techno @ Cassette #9

Hi all,

Here are my best shots from The History of Dance: Detroit Techno gig that jumped off at Cassette #9 last Saturday night.

I didn’t get there until really late that night so a lot of the crowd had ebbed by then. Also, I was really tired, so the photos aren’t up to my usual standards nor are there as many as I normally present for your viewing pleasure. However, I do hope you enjoy them regardless! ;)

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day – DJ Zinc (UK) @ Ink/Coherent

Aight, people! You know the drill anyway. However, in case you don’t, here are my best shots from the DJ Zinc @ Ink/Coherent gig.

It was another crazy, off-the-hook night and me and my crew had massive fun!

I think I finally made it home about 9:30am the next morning, a little worse for wear, but with a huge smile on my face! ;)

Kind regards

Special Session @ Old Skate Factory Photoset Preview





Aight, peeps! Just a little taste from the Special Session gig, which was held at the Old Skate Factory on K’rd.

The gig was about as underground as it gets. And, because of that, quite a few people there did not want their photo taken. It was all good though as I always respect the wishes of the person, and if they don’t want to be photographed, I apologize for bothering them and move on to the next subject.

Little tired now so I’m going to sleep. Keep it locked though!

Detroit Techno @ Cassette #9 Photoset Preview






Aight, peeps! Just a few preview shots from 'The History of Dance: Detroit Techno' gig that jumped off at Cassette #9 last night.

Not much to say as I’m tired, tired, tired and need to go to bed!

DJ Zinc (UK) @ Ink/Coherent Photoset Preview






Alright, people! Massive fun was had last night at Ink/Coherent with DJ Zinc performing a killer set for us all and me and my crew getting up all sorts of shenanigans. ;)

Just as a little taste of what went down, above are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Please be on the lookout for more snaps from the night to follow!

Kind regards

Upcoming – DJ Zinc (UK) @ Ink/Coherent (Audio)


Friday, 7 May 2010
DJ Zinc at Ink & Coherent, 268 Karangahape Road, Newton
Doors open at 10pm. Tickets $25

promoter says...

Ink and Coherent are proud to bring you DJ Zinc on Friday May 7th

One of the most revered drum and bass and jungle djs on the planet, DJ Zinc has reinvented himself and at the same time crafted a whole new genre of music called Crackhouse which takes the deep bass sounds of jungle/drum and bass over house beats to create music taking the world by storm.

This will be the show of the year DJ Zinc playing to strictly limited numbers at Coherent with huge support from Churchill, Fisken, Dick Johnson, Nick D and more.


Zinc July CrackHouse Mix by DJ Zinc

DJ Mix – Derrick May (USA) on BBC 6 Music 6 Mix (Audio)

Derrick May performing at Be Club, Auckland, New Zealand in 2010.

Hey y’all,

My main man, Mr. Derrick “Mayday” May, has presented a new DJ mix on BBC 6 Music 6 Mix.

Here’s what BBC Music 6 has to say about it:

6 Mix celebrates the May Day weekend with a brand new mix from techno pioneer Derrick May. Derrick - best known for his 1987 dance anthem Strings of Life under the name Rhythim Is Rhythim - has been an iconic name on the techno scene for over twenty years, DJing worldwide to a devoted fan base. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, May's work - alongside fellow DJs Juan Atkins and Inner City's Kevin Saunderson - has provided the catalyst for a number of producers worldwide. In his latest 6 Music show Derrick plays a selection of tunes which have influenced and inspired him including tracks by Brian Eno, Peven Everett and Model 500. There's also a brand new 'Mayday' club mix featuring hot new material from his label - Transmat Recordings - and a selection of tracks of Derrick's favourite album of 2010 so far; Gil Scott Heron's 'I'm New Here.'

Now, you can listen to Derrick’s new mix via the link above or, if you’re feelin’ a little naughty, you can download it if you look around the Net a little bit for it. *hint, hint*

Kind regards

P.S. Here’s a track listing I just found for Derrick’s mix:

1. Gil Scott-Heron — Where Did the Night Go
2. Luke Hess — The Way
3. Brian Eno & Mobius — Foreign Affairs
4. Cyberton — Alley Of Your Mind
5. Model 500 — Nightdrive
6. Gil Scott-Heron — The Crutch
7. Seun Kuti — Fire Dance
8. Orlando Voorn — Power Of Beauty
9. Kenny Larkin — Unknown
10. Acoustic High End Research — Acid Child
11. Anthony Shakir — Arise
12. Matthias Meyer — Infinity
13. Kapuchon and Benny Rodrigues — Reel
14. Cesar Merveille — Chocopop Jazz
15. Ibex 360EP — 360 (Dub mix)
16. Glenn Underground — Afro
17. GummiHz — One Groove & Synth
18. Karizma A Mind Of Its Own — The Ganni
19. Robert Bosco — Club
20. Ben Klock — Viscoplastic
21. DVS1 — Searching
22. Karizma Feat.Taylor McFerrin — Georgia
23. Joakim Lone — Meeting Blue Ice
24. Orlando B — Melancholy
25. Jona — Secret
26. Autotune — Dirty
27. Gil Scott-Heron — Your Soul & Mine
28. [unknown] — Sexy & Strange
29. Tr — Naive Track
30. Viscoplastic — Unknown
31. [unknown] — White Label
32. Peven Everett — I Can't Believe I Loved Her
33. Salvatone Eneda — Bruschetta
34. Flamuri — I Populat
35. Untitled

Me (Bill Gray) and Derrick May at Be Club, Auckland, New Zealand in 2010.

Shots Of The Day – Riva Starr (Italy) @ Be Club

Hi all,

Here they are - my best shots from Riva Starr @ Be Club taken on the night of April 30th.

It was a crazy night and Riva and the rest of the DJs really got us all going!

There are so many stories I could tell you about what went down that night. However, I wont because I’d rather not embarrass anyone, including myself. ;)

Kind regards

Riva Starr (Italy) @ Be Club Photoset Preview

Producer/DJ Riva Starr peforming at Be Club on May 1 2010.

Model Bex Coddington wearing grillz.

DJ's Maya and Vanya.

Me (Bill Gray) and some random hottie that wanted her photo taken with me.

Alright, peeps! Just a little taste of what went down last night at Be Club with Riva Starr.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the gig!