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A Shift In Focus – Resetting The Website


Hi all,

I’ve decided it’s time to reset the this blog/website and weed a lot of material that is no longer my focus.

As you can see, over the past several months I’ve become more interested in photographing the wonderful entertainment, nightlight and underground club scene that Auckland has to offer. And, since I have such a love for doing this, I think that it’s time that the website reflect this purely.

I’m working on some new magazine affiliations that will hopefully allow me access to even higher profile events than the ones I attend now.

I’ve, also, got my eye on some new photography gear that will enable me to present even higher quality photos to you.

The gear I have in mind will fit within my low tech approach of ‘one camera, one lens, one flash’. I’m not really interested in the technicalities of photography and I couldn’t care less about what other photographers are doing nor how expensive or how flash their gear is. Just give me a good simple camera with a high quality sensor, a good sharp lens and a powerful flash, and I’ve got all I need to take a great photo - everything else is superfluous.

I don’t need diffusers or ring flashes that can and do cost hundreds. Give me a white plastic bag, tape, rubber bands and some tubing, and I can make my own in a few minutes. And, the results will be the same as someone who spent thousands on their setup. ;)

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.