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DJ Mix – Derrick May (USA) on BBC 6 Music 6 Mix (Audio)

Derrick May performing at Be Club, Auckland, New Zealand in 2010.

Hey y’all,

My main man, Mr. Derrick “Mayday” May, has presented a new DJ mix on BBC 6 Music 6 Mix.

Here’s what BBC Music 6 has to say about it:

6 Mix celebrates the May Day weekend with a brand new mix from techno pioneer Derrick May. Derrick - best known for his 1987 dance anthem Strings of Life under the name Rhythim Is Rhythim - has been an iconic name on the techno scene for over twenty years, DJing worldwide to a devoted fan base. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, May's work - alongside fellow DJs Juan Atkins and Inner City's Kevin Saunderson - has provided the catalyst for a number of producers worldwide. In his latest 6 Music show Derrick plays a selection of tunes which have influenced and inspired him including tracks by Brian Eno, Peven Everett and Model 500. There's also a brand new 'Mayday' club mix featuring hot new material from his label - Transmat Recordings - and a selection of tracks of Derrick's favourite album of 2010 so far; Gil Scott Heron's 'I'm New Here.'

Now, you can listen to Derrick’s new mix via the link above or, if you’re feelin’ a little naughty, you can download it if you look around the Net a little bit for it. *hint, hint*

Kind regards

P.S. Here’s a track listing I just found for Derrick’s mix:

1. Gil Scott-Heron — Where Did the Night Go
2. Luke Hess — The Way
3. Brian Eno & Mobius — Foreign Affairs
4. Cyberton — Alley Of Your Mind
5. Model 500 — Nightdrive
6. Gil Scott-Heron — The Crutch
7. Seun Kuti — Fire Dance
8. Orlando Voorn — Power Of Beauty
9. Kenny Larkin — Unknown
10. Acoustic High End Research — Acid Child
11. Anthony Shakir — Arise
12. Matthias Meyer — Infinity
13. Kapuchon and Benny Rodrigues — Reel
14. Cesar Merveille — Chocopop Jazz
15. Ibex 360EP — 360 (Dub mix)
16. Glenn Underground — Afro
17. GummiHz — One Groove & Synth
18. Karizma A Mind Of Its Own — The Ganni
19. Robert Bosco — Club
20. Ben Klock — Viscoplastic
21. DVS1 — Searching
22. Karizma Feat.Taylor McFerrin — Georgia
23. Joakim Lone — Meeting Blue Ice
24. Orlando B — Melancholy
25. Jona — Secret
26. Autotune — Dirty
27. Gil Scott-Heron — Your Soul & Mine
28. [unknown] — Sexy & Strange
29. Tr — Naive Track
30. Viscoplastic — Unknown
31. [unknown] — White Label
32. Peven Everett — I Can't Believe I Loved Her
33. Salvatone Eneda — Bruschetta
34. Flamuri — I Populat
35. Untitled

Me (Bill Gray) and Derrick May at Be Club, Auckland, New Zealand in 2010.