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Bill Gray - 1 Snap Music! Founder Bio


Bill Gray (l) and Derrick “Mayday” May (r) at Be Club, Auckland, New Zealand, April 2010.

1 Snap Music! was founded in early 2010 by Bill Gray in order to present in a wilder, rawer, more visceral and artistic style of underground club photography generally not seen elsewhere.

The whole idea behind 1 Snap Music! is to present photographs that are truer to the vibe of a night at an underground club. Bill has found this vibe is often chaotic, powerfully sensual and gut wrenchingly direct. And, since no other photographer in the area was presenting the scene in it’s purest, artistic expressive form, Bill took it upon himself to do just that.

Bill Gray is a premier fine art underground club scene photographer currently living in Auckland, New Zealand whose work is constantly praised by those in the community.

Bill has photographed such notables as Carl Cox, Sharam, Ilse Violin, Shannon Ryan and Dan Aux, DJ Cash Money, DJ Norman Jay, Danielle Moore, Lord Bishop, Mystro, HavocNdeeD, Jillionaire, Hollie Smith, DJ Kentaro, DJ Pinch, Derrick May, MTron Bomb, Kevin Mark Trail, Riva Starr, DJ Zinc, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Dam Funk, Mampi Swift & MC IC3, Yolanda Be Cool, Steve Aoki, Bag Raiders, Laidback Luke and many, many more.

Bill was born in the United States and is of Western African, Native American and Western European descent.

Bill’s interests include photography, art, music, fashion, technology, science, meditation, clubbing and, of course, fun, outgoing people.

From a very young age Bill displayed a high aptitude for science and art, and he won his first art competition at the age of five. Throughout his education Bill was always at the top of his class in art and science.

At the age of twenty-three Bill relocated to Los Angeles and served as a consultant to Warner Brothers Records for several years, as well as numerous other high profile companies in the Southern California area.

Bill served as a consultant to numerous government agencies and high profile companies in the Washington, D.C. area prior to relocating to Los Angeles.

Known for his no nonsense, yet relaxed and outgoing manner, Bill easily makes friends wherever he goes. He’s frequently seen around the various Auckland nightspots where he’s been known to rock the party until the break of dawn.

To contact Bill Gray, please call +64-(0)21-293-4353 or check out 1 Snap Music! on Facebook.