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Shot of the Day – DJ Norman Jay


Hi all,

Featured above is a snap of DJ Norman Jay, MBE, taken while he was enjoying his ferry ride over to Waiheke Island to play at Fiesta Del Sol yesterday evening. I happened to be on the very same ferry.

I recognized Norman almost immediately, when I spotted him on the ferry, having done my homework about who was going to be performing at the event. Also, with he and I being the only two people on the boat of obvious African descent, and my not being the one wearing the trademark hat, one would have had to be blind not to notice him! ;)

I spoke with him briefly after I took the shots and discovered that he had just flown in from London and was very tired as a result of the long flight. He explained to me he was keeping the sunglasses on to hide his tiredness.

Kind regards

Pussy Control - Prince


Pussy Control by Prince, all rights solely belong to Prince and affiliating record companies.
From "The Gold Experience" album.

For music groups:
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

Dig Deep: Haiti Benefit at Zen on Sunday!


Dig Deep: Haiti Benefit at Zen, 17 Albert Street, Auckland CBD, Sunday 31 January.

Start time 10:00 PM

Tickets at the door $10

What is so little to us, could literally mean life or death for the children of Haiti.

UNICEF presents...
King Kapisi
The Feelstyle
The Arc
Bobby Brazuka
Mikey Rockwell
Switch & Kpz (Sunshine Sound System)
Scratch 22
The Newton Gutters
Art Official
Dylan C
The Sandy Bay Social Club
Lucky Paul
Ms Curious
Willie TheKid
Soul Science

The promoter says... Most of you are aware of the massive destruction that a recent earthquake has brought on Haiti. The earthquake decimated an already impoverished poverty-stricken nation.

This event brings together some of countries best Hip Hop, Reggae, Dubstep, Drum and Bass Acts, DJs and MCs, all performing for no fee.

All the proceeds donated to UNICEF for clean drinking water, food, medical supplies and the rebuilding of schools. We will be personally tracking this money to Haiti and will update you all on exactly where your money went.

"UNICEF is very active in Haiti and has been designated the lead agency for water, nutrition and education. I can guarantee this money will be used for Haiti as per your request."- Dennis McKinlay, Executive Director, UNICEF NZ.

Danny Rawlins

Fiesta Del Sol on Waiheke Island!


FIESTA DEL SOL returns to Waiheke Island's Stonyridge Vineyard this summer with a legendary international music line up of UK artists including NORMAN JAY and CRAZY P with DANIELLE MOORE! Its this Saturday.

Spanish for ‘Festival of the Sun’, FIESTA DEL SOL is a European flavoured event that caters to a mature social audience and celebrates all the great things that the summer season has to offer.

Don’t miss this magnificent day and night of partying perfection in the beautiful surrounds of Stonyridge Vineyard hosting International acts, live entertainment, DJ’s and musicians, Ibiza styled performers, multiple genres and areas of feel good music, barbeques, gourmet food, spa pools, secluded lounges, private party areas, fine wine and a top of the line event production and set up.

FIESTA DEL SOL only happens once a year and this is the only Stonyridge party of the summer! Get your friends together, book some accommodation and enjoy what promises to be a great long weekend summer holiday away from the city, on Waiheke Island.








1pm – 3pm Bobby Brazuka feat Jennifer Zea
3pm – 5.30pm Geoff Parker Feat Zeisha Fremaux
5.30pm – 7.30pm Bevan Keys
7.30pm – 9.30pm Crazy P (DJ SET) feat Danielle Moore
9.30pm – 11.30pm Norman Jay
11.30pm – 1am Jolyon Petch
5.30pm – 8.30pm Maya Dorcil on percussion
5.30pm – 7.30pm Lewis McCallum on Sax


1.30pm – 3.30pm Scotty Mayes
3.30pm – 5.30pm Jarrod Phillips
5.30pm – 7.30pm Grant Marshall
7.30pm – 9.30pm Karn Hall
9.30pm – 11pm Tim Phin
11pm – 1am Dick Johnson
6pm – 11pm Jabe on percussion



The event kicks off at 1pm and runs through until a later than usual finish time of 1am. We suggest you get to the event as early as possible so you can get the most enjoyment out of your day and night.


Purchase a ticket to the fallen Angel VIP lounge to enjoy a premium experience at Fiesta Del Sol.
VIP Tickets are very limited and include swift VIP entry to the event, a complimentary glass of Fallen Angel Wine on arrival, access to the exclusive VIP lounge and party deck, luxury toilets, leather furniture, glassware, table service, top shelf beverages, premium wines and more!

VIP tickets start from $110 + BF and are available from


Upload photos in real time onto your favourite social networking sites at the Samsung Experience upload booth. Equipped with connection cables for most cameras, this area will let you share your night at Fashion Beauty Music in real time online with your friends around the world! Oh, you forgot to bring a camera? – Not to worry, the Samsung team members will be on site with the all-new ST550 Samsung 2View Camera to take your pix for you!


Relax back on the Sol beer Sunset deck that overlooks the Vineyard.
The Sol hostesses will be there to ensure your stocked up on Sol and enjoying evening.


Taxi and Bus services will be available on the day/night to take people to and from the event from all locations on Waiheke Island.


Extra Ferries will be organised for the day/night to take people to and from the Island for this event.
The last Ferries off the island will be leaving at 11.45pm, 12.30am and 1am


The weather is predicted for Sunshine on Waiheke this weekend so if its a bit crappy in Auckland, don’t let that fool you!
The weather over on the Island is always a lot better than the main land.
In the event of wet weather, there will be loads of shelter organised just incase.


Rent out a house or hire a hotel/motel room for the long weekend on Waiheke Island using the links below.


$50 + BF Available from:
Online from Iticket
Real Groovy – City:
Route 66 – Newmarket
Stonyridge Vineyard – Waiheke Island
Conch Records – Ponsonby Rd
By Phone +64 9 361 1000
By texting ‘FIESTA’ to 858



I’ll be there snapping as well. So if you see me coming at you with a camera you’ve got two choices: Smile or run! ;)

Kind regards

Public Enemy Goes Classical!


Public Enemy founding members Chuck D. (l) and Flava Flav (r).

PUBLIC ENEMY's booming beats and parental-advisory lyrics have rattled eardrums for nearly 30 years but band founders FLAVA FLAV and CHUCK D are softening with age.

The veteran hip hop outfit are booked to record with London's ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA, one of the finest classical music institutions on the planet.

I hope it works out. It would be embarrassing if they were rebels without applause.

Source/The Sun

Shot of the Day – Approaching Full


Hi all,

This was taken just a few moments ago (11:30pm 28 January) and, as you can, see we’re getting close to a Full moon.

Time to howl! Owoooooooooo! ;)

Kind regards

Shot of the Day – Waning Gibbous


Hi all,

I was just outside a few minutes ago, enjoying a smoke, and I looked up to see the Moon hovering a bit above the horizon. I think it’s phase would be called Waning Gibbous. However, I’m not too sure as it’s been a long time since I was involved in Astronomy.

Anyway, I thought the Moon looked so nice and bright floating there that I just had to quick ran inside and grab the camera. I then snuck into the neighbour's yard and took the shot. I couldn’t shoot from my house as the view was obstructed by our trees.

So, this is what the Moon looks like from Auckland, New Zealand right now (1:54am January 27) for anyone that’s curious.

Kind regards

How To Grind

Shot of the Day: Pots and Pans


Max is in Jail!

Massive Attack coming to New Zealand!


Massive Attack founding members, Robert "3D" Del Naja, and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall. Image/Supplied

Hi all,

I’ve got some big news for you tonight!

I just found out that the original Bristol trip-hoppers, Massive Attack, are scheduled to play here in Auckland, at Vector Arena, on March the 25th!

Wooohooohooohooo! :D

Pre-sale tickets are going up on January 22nd and include a digital copy of the band's new CD, Heligoland. Regular tickets sales start on February 4th.

Kind regards

I Like Going to Concerts!


The Heavy on the Late Show with David Letterman


Hi all,

If you’ll recall last night I posted a blog entry about seeing The Heavy on the Late Show with David Letterman. Well, embedded above is a video of the actual performance!

Kind regards

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

The Heavy "How You Like Me Now?" promo. Shot in High Definition on Redcam, the video combines live action with Flash and traditional 2D hand drawn animation. Whilst bringing the Heavy graphic image to life, it tells the story of 2 ex-lovers and the chase by our lead "Wolf" of "Red" to see "How she likes me now". With reference to the classic 70's horror movie "Don't Look Now" there is a twist in the tale.

"How You Like Me Now?" is out on Counter Records on 31st August and is taken from their forthcoming album "The House That Dirt Built" released on 21st September.

Produced and Directed by Tabitha O'Connell
Director of Photography - Simon Weekes
Filmed in Rocks East Woodlands , Bath.

Just caught this band on the David Letterman Show and really enjoyed their performance. I thought you might like it too!


Fire in the Sky


Queen Street and K’ Road at 6AM




Shots of the Day – Summerdayze-Auckland

Hi all,

Featured above are numerous snaps I took at the Summerdayze-Auckland 2010 dance party. Sorry for the delay in uploading these, but I have been very busy lately. And, I can only do so much while maintaining my physical and mental health! ;)

As for the party itself, I’d call it a hit and I had a great time, although I wouldn’t say that it packed the punch of the New Year’s Eve. However, New Year’s Eve would be hard for anyone to top as there is such buzz surrounding the day.

I’d like to thank Jared of Incline Events for hosting the event and for allowing me Media Access. It was a pleasure working with you, Jared, and perhaps we’ll do it again some day soon!

Kind regards

Zoh Zoh Ensemble at The Kingslander

Hi all,

Featured above are a number of shots I took at the Zoh Zoh Ensemble gig that was held on Friday night at The Kingslander.

While I could write up a full review of the gig, my thing is photography, so I’ll just show it to you and you can use your imagination to fill in the blanks. However, if I were so inclined to write a review, the best way to sum it up would be… Beautiful music and beautiful people!

Kind regards

Shot of the Day – Zoh Zoh Ensemble at the Kingslander


Hi all,

Just a little something to whet your appetites until I get the rest of the photos edited and uploaded.

I’m a bit behind at the moment and have yet to upload the majority of the photos I took at Summerdayze-Auckland.

The above shot was taken last night at The Kingslander after Zoh Zoh Ensemble had finished what proved to be a righteous set. More to come…

Kind regards

Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. displaying the Nobel Peace Prize he just won in Oslo, Norway on December 10, 1964. The then 35 year old King was honoured for promoting the principle of non-violent resistance in the American Civil Rights Movement. Photo/Associated Press

Hi all,

On this day in 1929 at Atlanta, Georgia, someone who would be instrumental in forcing America to look at it’s horrible treatment of African-Americans and other ethnic minorities, Martin Luther King Jr., was born.

Having been born in 1962, I’m just old enough to remember the American Civil Rights Movement, the assassination of Dr. King, and the subsequent riots that that senseless act of murder sparked around the United States. I’m, also, fortunate enough to remember some of the speeches he gave, having seen them live on what was then a state-of-the-art Black and White television.

Please take a moment to remember Dr. King on this day and view the video I’ve embedded below. And, do keep what he stood for that in mind the next time you encounter someone who doesn’t look like you.

Kind regards

Shot of the Day - Macrotop


Making (some) sense out of camera sensor sizes


We regularly receive emails from readers confused as to the actual size of sensor used in digital cameras. Sensors (CCD / CMOS) are often refered to with an imperial fraction designation such as 1/1.8" or 2/3", this measurement actually originates back in the 1950's and the time of Vidicon tubes. Those who find the specification sheets for these sensors are then even more confused about the relationship between the fraction and the actual diagonal size of the sensor. Inside you'll find an explanation and a table of common sensor sizes. We'll be adding this information to our glossary for future reference.

It all started way back when...

The 'Type' designation given to toady's CCD sensors is that it harks back to a set of standard sizes given to TV camera tubes in the 50's. These sizes were typically 1/2", 2/3" etc. The size designation does not define the diagonal of the sensor area but rather the outer diameter of the long glass envelope of the tube. Engineers soon discovered that for various reasons the usable area of this imaging plane was approximately two thirds of the designated size. This designation has clearly stuck (although it should have been thrown out long ago). There appears to be no specific mathematical relationship between the diameter of the imaging circle and the sensor size, although it is always roughly two thirds.


A few top pro cameras now sport 35mm-size sensors and are referred to as full frame. Comparing this to Compact or Point and Shoot cameras today we generally find a 1/2.3" to 1/2.5" sensor. A few top-of-the-line compact cameras, like the Canon G9, feature a 1/1.8" to 1/1.7" sensor. To see the difference in the relative size of P&S sensors and DSLR sensors, look at the graphic below.


The very best compact cameras have sensors around the 1/3" to 1/2" range. The APS C to 4/3 sensors of the bulk of today's digital SLR cameras are huge by comparison. The developing push for full-frame at the top of the current DSLR market is a move to a sensor that is a bit more than double the size of today's APS C sensors. The approximate 24mm by 16mm APS C is the same size as the 1/2 frame 35mm championed by Olympus in the film era.

This size actually harkens back to 35mm motion picture film that became the standard on which most of the SLR lens systems are based. 35mm motion picture film contained images of around 24x16mm, and 35mm still film just turned the spool direction and used double the frame size. In fact, some early 35mm still cameras were referred to as "double-frame" cameras.

Why Does Sensor Size Matter?

In some of life's arenas bigger is better, but in computers and electronics we almost always see a trend toward smaller and smaller traces producing chips with higher and higher densities. So the question becomes why is a 10MP DSLR sensor any better than a 10MP Compact or Point and Shoot sensor?

The simple answer is that computer chips are digital devices, made up of transistors that register on and off (1 and 0) states, which are then combined to create the information we crunch in a computer. Digital sensors, on the other hand, are analog devices used to gather light and color information. Every digital camera then has some means to convert this analog sensor data to digital information in its processing path. Devices that communicate on and off do not require the sensitivity of devices that gather and convey more complex data like a digital sensor pixel.


Unlike digital data, all pixels are not created equal. Larger sensors, such as those used in digital SLR cameras, have larger pixels. All things being equal the larger pixels have more light-gathering ability over a given unit of time. This translates into two very important considerations for photography.

First, larger pixels exhibit lower noise than smaller pixels under the same conditions. This improved signal-to-noise ratio means that your 10MP DSLR image will likely produce better, sharper, clearer prints than the smaller 10MP compact (point and shoot) cameras. This improved SNR also means larger sensors produce a wider dynamic range (a greater range between the lightest and darkest elements of the photo).

The second aspect also relates to light gathering ability. Large DSLR sensors have more ability to gather light, which means they generally are more effective over a much wider range of lighting conditions than a compact camera. Many compact cameras are perfectly acceptable at ISO 100 but are very noisy by ISO 400. Most DSLR cameras with their larger sensors produce very acceptable results to ISO 800 or 1600 - ISO options not even available on most compact cameras. Some newer DSLR cameras even offer options of ISO 3200, ISO 6400, or even higher.


Summerdayze-Auckland – The Carl Cox Live DJ Set

Hi all,

All those Summerdayze-Auckland photos are slowly but surely being edited and uploaded by me.

First up, simply because I admire the man so much, are a bunch of photos I snapped during Carl Cox’s live DJ set. These include onstage and offstage stuff, as well as some shots from the unofficial after-party that Carl attended!

As you can probably surmise from the liveliness of the people snapped, the set was absolutely awesome!

Please enjoy the photos and do be on the lookout for more to follow shortly!

Kind regards

Shot of the Day – Ilse at Summerdayze-Auckland


Hi all,

Featured above is a shot of electric violinist, Ilse, dancing onstage during Carl Cox’s set at Summerdayze-Auckland. Of course, the shot was taken by me, as I was onstage also! Holla! ;)

I found Ilse to be a lot of fun to be around and we spent quite a bit of time chatting with each other.

She seemed to take great pleasure in teasing me about the lump I’d acquired on my forehead from whacking it on a light fixture. As a matter of fact, she referred to it as a “mushroom”!  Ha ha ha! ;)

From what I understand, although I’ve yet to hear her perform myself, Ilse plays a mean electric violin and she’s played with such notables as Carl Cox and Yo-Yo Ma.

Below is her promo video.

Kind regards


ilse | MySpace Video

Video/Ilse Violin

Zoh Zoh Ensemble at The Kingslander!

Hi all,

Featured above are a few photos I snapped this afternoon out at Mission Bay where I ran into a several members of African music group Zoh Zoh Ensemble putting on a free performance for the beachgoers.

During a brief chat with Yaw Boateng (the guy with the dreadlocks) and François Byamana (the guy in the white Nike cap), principal members of Zoh Zoh, I found out that they were preparing for an upcoming gig.

The show is scheduled for this Friday, January 15, at The Kingslander and will run from 9PM until 12AM. Guess what? It’s free!

If you like African music, with a modern twist, please do come along and be prepared for a real treat!

Kind regards

Shot of the Day – Sharam at Summerdayze-Auckland


Hi all,

Featured above is a shot of Persian-American progressive house DJ and producer, Sharam, taken by myself backstage just moments before his knockout performance at Summerdayze-Auckland.

Sharam’s one half of the Grammy award-winning DJ/production duo, Deep Dish. And, as I’ve come to find out, a native of Washington D.C. - he’s a homeboy as I was born not to far from there in Virginia. ;)

Kind regards

Shot of the Day – Carl Cox at Summerdayze-Auckland


Hi all,

Featured above is a photo of the legendary Carl Cox taken by myself just minutes before he went on stage at Summerdayze-Auckland last night. And, below, is a shot of Carl and myself that was not taken by me and it shows. ;)

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Carl as I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time.

I was so excited to meet him all I could do was introduce myself, ask for some photos and then run away! LOL!  Nah! I wasn’t that bad really…

I chatted with him for a few minutes; asked about his visits to New Zealand – I found out there had been many; asked for a few candid shots and then pretty much left him alone to gather himself before his performance. I wasn’t trying to go hardcore journalist on him; I’d much rather just take photos of him, which I did, and enjoy the show!

As always, and this is just based on what I’ve seen in documentaries and YouTube videos, Carl put on a stellar performance! Having experienced him live for the first time I can clearly understand why he’s considered one of the world’s top DJs.

After Carl’s performance was over I managed to wrangle my way into the unofficial after-party at the Pyramid Lounge in Auckland’s CBD – there was an official one that Carl was not at – that Carl and a number of the other international DJs attended.

Just something to look out for…

I’ve heard it from a very reliable source that Carl will be vacationing here in New Zealand sometime this month. And, that he’ll be touring the country on a motorcycle as well as playing some shows along the way!

More news as I come by it and please do keep an eye out for more photos from and a brief review of Summerdayze-Auckland!

Kind regards

DSCF8750_filtered copy

Shots of the Day – Highlife New Year’s Eve 2009/10

Hi all,

As promised by myself several days ago here are my best photos from Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10.

The photos are all raw and unedited. Therefore, you’re going to see some anomalies that I normally wouldn’t let slip past me. (Please keep in mind that I was shooting under some very challenging conditions and the camera is still quite new to me.) However, since some of them made for “happy accidents” and interesting effects I’ve posted them anyway. ;)

There were so many sights that I wanted to share with you all. However, since I’m only one person, and I had to recharge the camera’s battery toward the end of the event as well as switching out storage cards, there’s only so much I can do, unfortunately.

As for the event itself, I’d call it an undeniable hit! I had massive fun!

There was something there for everyone! High profile VIP areas for those that are into that; Media rooms for onsite sharing of photos; Great bars; Makeup rooms; Helicopter rides; Great music from a number of different genres; And, it was very well organized and very health and security conscious so that everyone could just relax and enjoy to the fullest without having to worry about such matters themselves.

Well done, Adam and Anna, and the entire team!

Kind regards

Carl Cox at Summerdayze-Auckland this Friday!



Hi all,

Legendary three turntable wizard and dance music maestro, Carl Cox, will be playing at Summerdayze-Auckland this Friday! The event is being held at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre.

Guess what? A Colourful Guy, that’s me, will be up on stage photographing him as I just got Media Access from the promoters! Hahaaaa! ;)

Some other big name acts will be at Summerdayze also. However, I’m so excited about shooting Carl that I don’t even want to talk about anyone else! If you do want to know who else will be performing though please click here.

Please enjoy the brief interview with Carl that I’ve embedded below.

Kind regards

Video/Nightlife TV

Shots of the Day – Michelle Wilson and the Frogman!


Hi all,

Featured above and below are two shots of fashion designer Michelle Wilson, of Michelle Yvette, and the Frogman, who was roaming around creeping people out, I took at Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10.

I really like Michelle as she very fun loving, good natured and just a pleasure to be around. Also, I hear she designs some really nice clothes. ;)

I’ve intended to work with her rather soon in having a pair of Harem pants designed and made. However, I’ve been so busy I haven’t been in touch with her regarding it again after our initial conversation. I think it’s about time I rectify that situation! :)

Kind regards


Shots of the Day – On the way to Highlife NYE 2009/10


Hi all,

Featured above and below are two shots I took on the way up to Matakana to attend Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10.

As you can see from the photos, traffic got really bad on State Highway 1 at one point during the journey.

Traffic got so stalled, in fact, that numerous people took the opportunity to exit their vehicles for bathroom breaks. While other people took the opportunity to casually hang out of their vehicle doors, like the young men below, and literally turned the highway into a party! ;)

It was all good in the end though as we - A Colourful Gal went with me - made it there before the VIP/Media entrance closed and had no problems gaining special entry due to the always helpful Anna Jobsz.

Kind regards


Shot of the Day – DJ Cash Money at Highlife NYE 2009/10


Hi all,

I’m just doing some editing on all the photos I took at Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10 and stumbled across this one I took of American turntablist, hip hop artist and record producer, DJ Cash Money aka Jerome Hewlett, doing his thing.

In case of some of you aren’t aware of him, he was the first inductee into the DJ Hall of Fame. I’ve embedded a brief interview with him below.

Update: Ha! I just discovered I had the wrong guy’s photo up. I’ve fixed it now! ;)

There are so many photos I want to share with you all – I thought I had taken about 600 photos, it turned out to be well over 900 – however there are just so many I can’t decide on my “best of’s”. Please do check back from time to time and I’m promise that more will appear here very soon.

Kind regards

Shot of the Day – Highlife NYE Experience 2009/10


Hi all,

While I was browsing through all the photos I took last night at Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10 in preparation for all the editing work I now need to do, I came across one shot, which I embedded above, that for me just sums up the spirit of whole event quite well.

The shot was taken in the last few minutes of the party. So all the hardest of the hardcore partygoers – you know, the last standing - were really wildin’ out over at the Sol Beer tropical beach area were all the Funk, Soul and old school Hip-Hop and RnB  was being spun by some top DJs.

Girls were being pulled up on stage to dance; the DJ wound up passing that Vodka around, which really didn’t help my photography much *wink*; the bass was so loud I almost lost the contents of my stomach. LOL!


Kind regards

Highlife NYE Experience 2009/10 Preview


Hi all,

Well, as you can surmise from the fact that I actually posted something today, I survived Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10 pretty much unscathed.

While I’m feeling a little fuzzy headed - 750ml of Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka, 500 ml of Albert le Brun Champagne and a few puffs will do that to one I suppose – all and all I’m in very good spirits and am really looking forward to the year ahead.

As for the party itself, it was a very well organized and highly entertaining event.  ;)

While I wont do a review or post tons of photos from it now - I think I have close to 600 – I’ve posted a photo above of one of the stilt-walking clowns that was roaming around the venue for your amusement.

Kind regards