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Shot of the Day – Ilse at Summerdayze-Auckland


Hi all,

Featured above is a shot of electric violinist, Ilse, dancing onstage during Carl Cox’s set at Summerdayze-Auckland. Of course, the shot was taken by me, as I was onstage also! Holla! ;)

I found Ilse to be a lot of fun to be around and we spent quite a bit of time chatting with each other.

She seemed to take great pleasure in teasing me about the lump I’d acquired on my forehead from whacking it on a light fixture. As a matter of fact, she referred to it as a “mushroom”!  Ha ha ha! ;)

From what I understand, although I’ve yet to hear her perform myself, Ilse plays a mean electric violin and she’s played with such notables as Carl Cox and Yo-Yo Ma.

Below is her promo video.

Kind regards


ilse | MySpace Video

Video/Ilse Violin