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Happy Birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. displaying the Nobel Peace Prize he just won in Oslo, Norway on December 10, 1964. The then 35 year old King was honoured for promoting the principle of non-violent resistance in the American Civil Rights Movement. Photo/Associated Press

Hi all,

On this day in 1929 at Atlanta, Georgia, someone who would be instrumental in forcing America to look at it’s horrible treatment of African-Americans and other ethnic minorities, Martin Luther King Jr., was born.

Having been born in 1962, I’m just old enough to remember the American Civil Rights Movement, the assassination of Dr. King, and the subsequent riots that that senseless act of murder sparked around the United States. I’m, also, fortunate enough to remember some of the speeches he gave, having seen them live on what was then a state-of-the-art Black and White television.

Please take a moment to remember Dr. King on this day and view the video I’ve embedded below. And, do keep what he stood for that in mind the next time you encounter someone who doesn’t look like you.

Kind regards