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Shots of the Day – Highlife New Year’s Eve 2009/10

Hi all,

As promised by myself several days ago here are my best photos from Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10.

The photos are all raw and unedited. Therefore, you’re going to see some anomalies that I normally wouldn’t let slip past me. (Please keep in mind that I was shooting under some very challenging conditions and the camera is still quite new to me.) However, since some of them made for “happy accidents” and interesting effects I’ve posted them anyway. ;)

There were so many sights that I wanted to share with you all. However, since I’m only one person, and I had to recharge the camera’s battery toward the end of the event as well as switching out storage cards, there’s only so much I can do, unfortunately.

As for the event itself, I’d call it an undeniable hit! I had massive fun!

There was something there for everyone! High profile VIP areas for those that are into that; Media rooms for onsite sharing of photos; Great bars; Makeup rooms; Helicopter rides; Great music from a number of different genres; And, it was very well organized and very health and security conscious so that everyone could just relax and enjoy to the fullest without having to worry about such matters themselves.

Well done, Adam and Anna, and the entire team!

Kind regards