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Upcoming – Riva Starr (Italy) @ Be Club (Video)


Friday, 30 April, 10PM

Riva Starr (Italy), Dick Johnson, Daniel Farley, Maya & Vanya, Mark Emerson, Beat Mafia

Be Club, 8 Commerce Street, CBD

GENRE: house
Riva Starr (Italy)

With support from
Dick Johnson
Daniel Farley
Maya & Vanya
Mark Emerson
Beat Mafia
Ditto* Live

promoter says...

Riva Starr IS the sound of chunky, jackin' house in 2010 and this is his debut NZ performance — which makes for an unmissable opportunity to say "I was drunk, at Riva Starr!"

He's remixed absolutely everything from Major Lazer to The Doors. With last year's smash "I Was Drunk", his album If Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade and Beatport chart toppers such as his remix of Malente's "I Like it" and Reboots "Enjoy Music" Riva Starr is an unstoppable machine in 2010 both in the studio and behind the decks!

You simply don't want to let this one pass you by — whether you're an overground or underground dance music lover, you're in for a treat. Source/

Shots Of The Day – Hit It and Quit It Revue @ Khuja Lounge

Hi all,

Here are my best shoots from last week’s Hit It and Quit It Revue which was held at Khuja Lounge.

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - Thursday Tea Party @ Cassette #9

Hi all,

Here are my best shots from Thursday Tea Party @ Cassette #9.

Not much to say about this one as I have a serious backlog at the moment. So I don’t feel like writing much. Also, the photos are about as ‘straight’ as you’ll ever see from me as I don’t even have time to do my usual post-processing magic on them.

Kind regards

Thursday Tea Party @ Cassette #9 Photoset Preview




Hi all,

Last Thursday evening, after the Kevin Mark Trail gig at Kfm 106.9, I happened to stumble into Cassette #9 looking for something interesting to do. Well, little did I know that their ‘Thursday Tea Party’ was jumpin’ off and that a lot of people there were decked out as pirates and whatnot!

Anyway, yeah! It was such a fun night that I wound up staying until closing and then hung out with friends and crew of the club until a bit after Sunrise.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the night!

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day – Kevin Mark Trail (UK) @ Kfm 106.9

Hi all,

Here are my photos from an evening with Kevin Mark Trail at Kfm 106.9 last Thursday.

As I mentioned earlier, Kevin performed a quite good acoustic set for us all, and most people there seemed to really enjoy it. While I’ll admit that sort of music isn’t really my thing I did enjoy my evening none the less as well.

Kind regards

P.S. I’ve embedded a video of one of Kevin’s live acoustic performances as an example of what went down at Kfm 106.9 that night.

Shots Of The Day – Ghetto Vibes Int @ Africa Bar

Alright, peeps! Here they are, finally! My best shots from Ghetto Vibes International at Africa Bar.

All and all, it was a nice night, even though some fool got upset that I was going to take his picture and decided to punch the wall to show his displeasure. Not to worry though because I called security on him and he was quickly escorted out, then the rest of us enjoyed our evening in peace.

What can I say? I guess some people can’t handle their liquor! ;)

Kind regards

Kevin Mark Trail (UK) @ Kfm 106.9 Photoset preview



Hi all,

Just a little taste from an enjoyably intimate acoustic performance given by Kevin Mark Trail at the Kfm 106.9 studio last Thursday evening.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the evening.

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day – Derrick May (USA) @ Be Club!

Alright, people! Here they are, my best shots from the knockout Derrick May gig at Be Club last Thursday night/Friday morning.

I have more photos of Derrick himself. However, I need to clear them with his agent first before I publish them.

I didn’t get very creative with the post-processing on the photos this time as I have a backlog and people keep asking me about them – like they paid me for them *ahem*. ;)

Kind regards

Upcoming - Kevin Mark Trail (UK) @ Kfm 106.9


Date:    Thursday, April 22, 2010
Time:    7:30pm - 11:55pm
Location:    Kfm 106.9, 208 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland (upstairs)

Kevin Mark Trail with support from the Mercs and Hui-a

An intimate gig for Friends and Whanau

British R&B / soul / reggae / hip hop singer-songwriter Kevin Mark Trail will play an intimate one night only gig at Kfm 106.9 next Thursday 22nd April.

Featuring on the first single, Pathway, from Nathan Haines most recent album Heaven and Earth guests will have an opportunity to listen to Kevin's own work.

He has released one album so far, Just Living, which spawned three singles, "Perspective", "D Thames" and "Last Night". Kevin rose to fame, by appearing on two tracks on The Streets debut album Original Pirate Material, including the hit single "Let's Push Things Forward".

Thanks to Tohu Wines for your support.

Kfm 106.9 has been broadcasting a quality sound for a discerning ear for the last six years which fuses reggae, dub, downbeat, lounge, soul and funk. We are a low frequency station which promotes social consciousness and genres not championed by our mainstream counterparts.

The engine that powers Kfm106.9 is a community of fifty DJs who volunteer their time simply for the love of music. We broadcast from the cultural and artistic hub of Auckland’s CBD, Karangahape Rd. We began our humble beginnings in a tiny studio in St Kevin's Arcade and now have our own place which encompasses a Tea Shop, Ta Moko Studio, Art Gallery, Community Space and of course Kfm.

Source/Kfm 106.9

RIP Gifted Unlimited Rhythms Universal (Video)

Revered rapper Guru, born Keith Elam, has reportedly died after a year and a half long battle with cancer.

It’s indeed a sad day for all of his family, friends and fans, of which I am one, and Guru’s presence will most certainly be missed in this era of phony gangster posturing and self aggrandizing vocal diarrhoea that weakly attempts to pass itself of as true Hip Hop.

Remember… Guru stands for Gifted Unlimited Rhythms Universal!

Kind regards


Shots Of The Day – A Colourful Guy and MTron Bomb @ Be Club!


Hi all,

Featured above and below is a shot of myself and a friend, MTron Bomb, taken after the Derrick May gig at Be Club on last Thursday night/Friday morning.

Personally, I think the shot turned out so great that I just had to feature it.

I mean, really? I’m hot, she’s hot. What more could you ask for? ;)

Kind regards

P.S. I'm a nicer looking version of Eddie Murphy, or so I've been told, and Melissa is a nicer looking version of Annie Lennox, according to me! ;)


Deep and Sexy 4 – King Britt (Video)

Shots Of The Day – AKO Fight Night 7 (Ultimate Challenge)

Hi all,

Above are a few snaps I took at AKO Fight Night 7 recently. I was there as a guest of a musician friend, Ilse Violin. Therefore, I was mostly focusing on the entertainment segments of the night and not the actual boxing itself.

Kind regards

Shot Of The Day – Ilse Violin @ AKO Fight Night 7


Hi all,

Featured above is a photo of dear friend of mine, Ilse Violin, taken during her performance at AKO Fight Night 7 a weekend ago.

Kind regards

Ghetto Vibes International @ Africa Bar Photoset Preview




Too Close – Pete Rock & Deda (Video)

Just some Old school East Coast Hip Hop, from the innovator Pete Rock, that I’ve been grooving on while I edit photos. I thought you might enjoy it!


Shots Of The Day – Erbal Blend @ Kfm 106.9!

A’ight, people!

Finally, I got these snaps from the Kfm 106.9 Erbal Blend gig edited and uploaded!

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Kind regards

More Self-portraits!



Derrick May (USA) @ Be Club Photoset Preview

Derrick May performing at the Be Club in Auckland, New Zealand on 16, April 2010. Photo A Colourful Guy/Bill Gray

Shot Of The Day – Derrick May (USA) and Bill Gray @ Be Club!


Hi all,

I’ve just now returned home from witnessing the awe inspiring performance of Derrick May at the Be Club!

When I say Derrick knocked ‘em out the box I’m not kidding and I can assure this isn’t some PR bullshit as I have no interest in promoting Derrick or the club he played at.

The photo above was taken around 5AM this morning after Derrick had finished his set and he asked me to take a snap with him without my glasses. He took his off too, in all fairness, and it was both a pleasure and an honour to photographed with such a musical legend as him.

I had a great night and I just loved seeing all my friends, both old and new, at Be Club.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the night in the days to come.

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day - OoGuN (Nigeria) @ Cassette #9

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in uploading these. However, a brotha does have a life outside of clubbin’ and snappin’ and I try to live that life to the fullest! ;)

As you can probably tell from the photos, we all had a good time that night! Cassette #9 hosted a good party and OoGun spun a great set!

Unfortunately, the club was hazy that night, and because of that, a lot of light bounced back from my flash into the camera, ruining the exposure. A lot of the shots didn’t turn out the way I expected and I had to trash them. Sorry about that, but until I can figure out some way to cut through haze with the flash that kind of thing will happen.

Kind regards

Upcoming – Derrick May (USA) @ Be Club


Start Time: Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 10:00pm

End Time: Friday, April 16, 2010 at 3:50am

Location: Be Club, 8 Commerce Street, Auckland, New Zealand View Map

Be is honoured to announce Derrick May. A pioneering force in the birth of Detroit Techno, May will be performing one night only with special guests Recloose and Nick D.


10pm - Nick D
11pm - Recloose
Midnight - DERRICK MAY

Door Sales only $10 - come early don't miss out!

If one name crops up again and again in discussions of techno, it is that of Derrick "Mayday" May. Alongside Atkins, Juan, Craig, Carl and Saunderson, Kevin, May is regarded as one of the kings of the Detroit sound. Inspired by Yello and Kraftwerk, he began to make electronic music with Atkins and Saunderson while studying with them at Belleville High, Detroit. Recording either as Mayday or Rhythim Is Rhythim (occasionally in conjunction with Carl Craig) and generally on his own Transmat Records label, he went on to carve out a new vein in dance music that synthesized the advances of the electro movement with the more challenging end of the House movement - a music that defined "techno". Early cuts such as "Nude Photo" (co-written with Thomas Barnett) and "The Dance", both on Transmat, were inspirational to many. However, it was the release of "Strings Of Life" in 1987 (co-written with Michael James) with its wide appeal to the house music fans of the 80s & 90s, simultaneously brought May his deserved acclaim and Detroit techno to European club-goers.

May went on to cut three tracks on System 7's debut album, before Network released Innovator: Soundtrack For The Tenth Planet in 1991, a six-track EP that comprised some of May's definitive moments to date. In the same year, May was responsible for what Carl Craig has called the finest remix ever, Sueo Latino's "Sueo Latino", itself a reworking of Manuel Goettsching's epic "E2-E4". It was followed in 1992 by Relics, a double album of Transmat's finest moments, heavily featuring Rhythim Is Rhythim, which coincided with a re-release of "Strings Of Life" on the Belgium label Buzz, this time in a drumless version reminiscent of May's "Sueo Latino" remix. More recently, Transmat has been revived following its signing to Sony. This has resulted in the long-awaited release of Rhythim Is Rhythim's 1991 recordings, "Kao-tic Harmony" and "Icon", and the Japanese (and subsequent American) release of a comprehensive Derrick May retrospective, Innovator, which contains all May's work for the Transmat label including remixes and tracks released for the first time.

Source/Be Club

Been Busy!


Hi all,

Last week/weekend was really busy for me! And, as a result, I’ve now got hundreds of photos sitting on the hard drive waiting for me to edit and upload them. I’ll get to them but in my own time though. ;)

I skipped a couple of fashion parties so I could focus on music gigs because that’s what I prefer and enjoy more than hanging around the fashion crowd. While I love fashion and dressing well, I have absolutely no love for the industry itself.

Please be on the lookout for photos from OoGuN at Cassette #9, Erbal Blend @ Kfm 106.9 and the entertainment segments from AKO Fight Night 7 - Ultimate Challenge.

Kind regards

Shots Of The Day – Bill Gray @ Erbal Blend/Kfm 106.9




AKO Fight Night 7 Photoset Preview



Erbal Blend @ Kfm 106.9 Photoset Preview



Echodub Loves Volume 02 (FREE COMPILATION)


01 Subreachers - "Memories Of Better Times"
02 Box Mouse - "5:37am Outside The Station"
03 Actraiser - "Imaginarium"
04 Egoless - "Back Home"
05 SvpremeFiend - "Prover"
06 Think - "All Wet"
07 SimonOff - "Trip To Luca"
08 Lurka - "Cosmic"
09 Tribal - "White Rain"
10 Vandera - "India Joya"
11 Lojik - "White Room"
12 Jas - "In A Heartbeat"
13 Dminus - "Ultramarine"

Download the album here

This album is the second in a series of releases that Echodub have put together to highlight some of the artists that we love.

We selected a number of artists, and asked them all to contribute to what we feel is a showcase of some of the most beautiful music coming from the deeper end of the dubstep, electronic and IDM genres.

Source/Echo Dub

OoGuN (Nigeria) @ Cassette #9 Photoset Preview


A’ight, y’all! It jumped off last night at Cassette #9 with OoGuN (pictured above) rocking a massive Dubhall set. Until I can get the rest of the photos I shot edited and uploaded, please enjoy a snap of OoGun’s smiling face.

Upcoming – OoGuN (Nigeria) @ Cassette #9



Nigerian DJ / Producer / Label Owner. Former London resident where he used to play on legendary early UK Internet pirate Radio station Interface as well as various clubs around the UK. He's played everything from Afrobeat to Jungle to Detroit Techno (you want to see his collection of Underground Resistance 12's). After moving to Auckland in 2006 he started the Drunk Elephant Sound System radio show on Base Fm (named after the realisation that Dubstep sounds like a pissed elephant wandering through a jungle). It's also the name of the label he runs. He produces Dubstep as OoGuN, which means there's always a fair sprinkling of exclusive dubs from NZ and overseas producers who he's been playing swapsies with. Now pioneering a sound he calls "Dubhall" he's also got more than a passing interest in music around the 130 bpm range.

Start Time:     Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 9:00pm
End Time:      Friday, April 9, 2010 at 4:00am
Location:       Cassette Number Nine
Street:           9 Vulcan Lane
City/Town:     Auckland, New Zealand
                    View Map

EdoBoH by OoGuN

Tech – Santander Interactive Guests Assistants (Video)

YDreams largest project to date, El Faro Visitors Center, is the gateway to Santander Group's financial complex on the outskirts of Madrid. The center is a creative mix of advanced robotics, hi-res LED paneled columns and interactive interface design that offer visitors memorable and impactful forms of exploring the group's history and global presence.

Knee-high autonomous robots greet and guide visitors to their destination in the center, a large-scale model of the financial campus uses augmented reality and advanced graphics to explore points of interest, and a 12-meter tactile, interactive wall senses when people approach, triggers eye-catching graphics and lets visitors explore multimedia contents about Ciudad Group Santander.


Shots Of The Day – DJ Pinch (UK) @ Zen

Alright, people! Here they are – my best shots from DJ Pinch @ Zen.

Holla, if you feel like it, and even if you don’t!

DJ Pinch (UK) @ Zen Photoset Preview


Alright, peeps! I just now got home from DJ Pinch’s hype ass set at Zen a few moments ago and I thought I post a photo of the man himself. This will have to do until I sober up enough to edit and upload the rest of the photos. ;)

Almost needless to say, I had a great time and so did everyone else!

Please be on the look out for more photos from the night later.

Kind regards

Upcoming – DJ Pinch (UK) @ Zen! (Video)



DJ Pinch (UK) at Zen, 17 Albert Street, CBD
10pm start $20 presales

Beat Merchants, 31 Victoria St E
Real Groovy, 438 Queen St

GENRE: dubstep
DJ Pinch (UK) with support from
Jason George
Ms Curious

Here are the set times for tonight:
Vice 10.00pm - 11.30pm
Jason George 11.30pm - 1.30am
Pinch 1.30am - 3.30am
Ms Curious 3.30am - 4.30am
Pimms 4.30am - close.

Shots Of The Day – DJ Kentaro (Japan) @ Bacca Room

Hi all,

Please enjoy these photos I snapped at The Turnaround, featuring DJ Kentaro, at the Bacca Room last weekend. Kentaro put on one hell of a show and if you missed it you missed a massive night! ;)

Kind regards

Indian Electronica Podcast #023 - Abdul Smooth (Live Mix)

Abdul Smooth

Back in the studio, Abdul Smooth delivers a live mix featuring a dub influence and comprised of tracks produced at various points in the past decade+. Featuring diverse artists such as New Zealand-based Scalper, the Suns of Arqa and Rachid Taha this is yet another unique episode from

Download information

Direct Download
Download from iTunes
Filesize: 79MB
Length: 57:13min


1. The Calling (Freeman Remix) - Pressure Drop
2. I Am That I Am - Radiohiro
3. Ethni-City - Shri
4. Lotus - Liquid Stranger
5. Barra Barra - Rachid Taha
6. Repent (Not Repented Yet) - Fun-Da-Mental
7. Tumbi Blaster (Instrumental Mix) - David Starfire
8. Sufani - Gaudi (feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
9. Black Glory - Scalper
10. Warrior Dub - Alex Theory
11. Raga Puria Dhaneshri - Suns of Arqa


Charkha – Mehi (Video)

Just a beautiful song I wanted to share with you all. It’s taken from the 2008 released Bar India: Indian Downtempo and Electro-Funk Grooves compilation.


Shots Of The Day – Proud Mary @ Rising Sun (Aroha)