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Shot Of The Day – Derrick May (USA) and Bill Gray @ Be Club!


Hi all,

I’ve just now returned home from witnessing the awe inspiring performance of Derrick May at the Be Club!

When I say Derrick knocked ‘em out the box I’m not kidding and I can assure this isn’t some PR bullshit as I have no interest in promoting Derrick or the club he played at.

The photo above was taken around 5AM this morning after Derrick had finished his set and he asked me to take a snap with him without my glasses. He took his off too, in all fairness, and it was both a pleasure and an honour to photographed with such a musical legend as him.

I had a great night and I just loved seeing all my friends, both old and new, at Be Club.

Please be on the lookout for more photos from the night in the days to come.

Kind regards