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Late Nyte Experiments - Jul 20 2011

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July 16 Club Run (Auckland)

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Credit Life by MCTopaz

Some snaps from last weekend’s club run; four clubs in one night/morning with some great friends!


Khuja Lounge

Ink and Coherent

Supper Club

Image and Miks (NZ) - HOLIDAYS WERE THE N▲RK!

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From The Poet - Image & Miks

Wednesday, July 13 at 10:00pm - July 14 at 8:00am

The Third And Social
3 Galway St, Britomart
Auckland, New Zealand

First of all we’ve got IMAGE & MIKS. Mysterious new hip hop duo made up of some old heads (including Mr Mohi Owens) taking a fresh approach, with jazzy boom bap beats and underground lyrics. Still need more proof they’re stooped good? Check this-​elect/07-from-the-poet/

Next up we’ve got what I suppose you would call a supergroup? One half is Dylan Cherry, Tabac resident and member of the Rekkit party promotion duo The Queens Street Holligans. The other half is one Miles Loveless, better known as potentially one of NZ’s greatest musical experts of recent times- Pikachunes. Together, their powers combine to form KANED & ABLE.

Next up holding down the back bar on a classic/instrumental hip hop tip is one third of All Black Everything, SHEAHAN HURI, pulling a solo real name no gimmicks DJ set for a change.

Also featuring in a Nark debut is Jason Gundry, AKA FUNKNDIRTY, keeping it funky and, well, dirty, on a hip hop tip. Party hip hop and funky shit to keep you keeping on until buses commence on Thursday and are able to take you the fuck home.

So stack ‘em up with ya residents and you have:

Kaned & Able
Image & Miks (LIVE)
Funk & Dirty
Sheahan & Huri
Daniel & Farley
Lost & Boys
Mad & World
Josh & Jake

Nick Thayer & SevenMilligram (AU) @ Coherent!

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Kelly Watch The Stars (Nick Thayer Bootleg) - Air // FREE DOWNLOAD

One of Ink + Coherent's favourite DJ's Nick Thayer is coming to our shores again to no doubt bring us another banging set along with his bro SevenMilligram who will be putting on an AV set to coincide with his set.

There is no-one else who can drop a set like Nick Thayer. Every single track is his exclusive. An original. A remix. A re-edit. A bootleg. A mash-up. Equal parts hip hop, club, rave, house, drum and bass. No-one can put it together like Thayer either. Perhaps it is the throwback rock moves, the seat-of your-pants approach. Feeling kinda like a freight train on the edge of control. Some jams you will definitely know, some you might know, some you definitely won't. All will make you move

In the studio Nick is one of the most widely recognised and respected names across a multitude of genres. Massive tracks like Ca$h Money, Reach For The Lazers, Mind Control (as found on PS2 game 'Motor Storm'), and the MOP approved Ante Up remix have all blasted through sound systems like dy-no-miiiite. Sway, DJ Yoda, Wizard Sleeve, AC Slater, Sporty O, Trevor Loveys, A Skillz, and Black Noise are part of the long list of people Nick has worked with in the past year alone. With releases on Southern Fried (Fatboyslim's label), Passenger, Sweat It Out, Klub Kids, Insane Bangers, Bombstrikes, and many more, you'll find everyone from Kissy Sell Out to Freestylers to Cuban Brothers to Utah Saints rocking his tunes week in week out in the clubs.

May 2010 sees the long awaited release of Nick Thayer's album 'Just Let It Go' through Passenger. Musically it forms an amalgamation of sonic sound clashes. Alongside this Nick has been working with visual artist sevenmilligram creating a DJ/AV show. As with all of Nick's endeavours this is aimed squarely at the club. The focus is on making you jump, using the visuals to connect in another medium.

There ain't no party like a Nick Thayer party. Put your rave shoes on and get ready to dance.

Support on the night from:

Dan Aux
Dick Johnson
Daniel Farley
Aaron Pony
Re-Grooved Sound System (Mat Randomplay, Adam O, DJ Alias & MC Mikey Rockwell

The Turnaround's 9th Birthday Partaaay!

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Ride - Mp3 Version by Rio Hunuki Hemopo

Friday, July 8 at 11:00pm - July 9 at 6:00am

Toto's Montecristo Room
53 Nelson Street

The Turnaround has been entertaining its faithful religiously on the last Friday of the month for 9 years now. To celebrate we’ve roped in the talents of Rio Hemopo & Firefly for a live PA alongside your DJ hosts Cian, Submariner & Manuel Bundy and are taking things up out of the basement and up the stairs for a change of scenery. C'mon let's celebrate!!!

Flammable's 5th Birthday Bash at Ink!

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Tech House Sessions By Rafa Kao

Friday, July 1 at 10:30pm - July 2 at 6:00am

Ink Bar
K Road
Auckland, New Zealand

5 years of Flammable Productions, 5 years of the finest tech house, minimal, techno and prog house, 5 years of good vibes and 5 years of mean parties i.e. Muriwai Beach Party 1,2 & 3, Flammable Cave Party, Flammable and Brazil Tech, to name but a few.

We are excited to announce Flammable’s Fifth Birthday Extravaganza!

Once more Flammable returns to Ink Bar to celebrate this special event featuring Auckland’s notorious Brazilian Dj’s B2B with Auckland’s finest Kiwi/English talents. This will be a night to pencil in your calendar for sure.


Felipe Gonzo B2B Manik
Andre Madera B2B R.P
Rafa Kao B2B Llewellyn
Lucas Datt B2B Hot Fuzz
Alexandre G.U.R.I B2B Didz

What to expect:

• Multi full colour laser systems
• Audio visual effects
• Mean Birthday decoration
• First 150 people through the door will get a free Flammable mixed CD plus there will be more giveaways throughout the night.

Venue: Ink Bar
Tickets available from or Door sales available for $10

A massive thanks to Andy Mack, Professor, the InkCoherent crew,
Go Brazilian, BGlobal, Rockit Sounds and Federal Streewear.

RADIOWAVES – Base FM Fundraiser

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Constantly looking looking at ways to expand the range of Base FM, we have set our sights on Leigh, Matakana & Omaha Beach... once the summer months hit you'll be able to tune into Base FM by the beach!

Coming together for a worthwhile cause we have a handful of Djs who are ready to bring the party proper... HipHop / Funk / Heavy Bass

10 DJs - only $5 on the door!!


9:00 – 10:30pm : Tuck shop ft. Gemma & Laura Lush

10:30 – 12:00am : Mixed Business ft. Luke King & Mat Randomplay

12:00 – 1:00am : Frybread ft. Mark Yela & Kina G

1:00 – close : Chip Matthews, Benn Morrison, DJ Alias & Timmy_B


Chip Matthews (Base Breakfast : weekdays 7-10am)
Laura Lush & Gemma (Late Night Tuck Shop : Mondays 6-8pm)
Dj Alias (Friday Drive : 4-6pm)
Luke King & Mat Randomplay (Mixed Bizness : Wednesdays 12-2pm)
Benn Morrison (Sifty Goodness : Tuesdays 6-8pm)
Timmy_B, Mark Yela & Kina G (FryBread on Digidubs : Thursdays 6-8pm)

The N▲RK - Jupiter Project + DJ Draft

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Alive - Jupiter Project

So ah, it seems by the line of 200+ mother fuckers that I counted at midnight last week, that holidays are close. With only one day left of the semester officially, next week is guaranteed to be massive even if I don’t use lots of swear words and superlatives in this write up (don’t worry, I still will).

After last week’s success the back bar will be operating at R20 only again, playing strictly hip hop and random experimental instrumentals etc. Headlining we have the one and only DJ DRAFT. Dude plays a whole host of dope funk/hip hop, check it out here then get along to see him fuck shit up live-

And headlining the Main room, we have something very special indeed. Some dope dude’s causing quite a fucking commotion on several radio stations, with seriously infectious alternative infused hip hop, often laced with such heavy beats it leaves them feeling like a mix between Drake, Diplo and Does It Offend You, Yeah. Yes it’s JUPITER PROJECT. Check out their debut track here

Last but not least, we’ve also got back George FM/TVNZ U’s most humorous, yet musically plugged in, Monday night duo- Monty & The Face.

So throw in a couple of new faces and we’ve got a ridiculous massive line up that consists of:

▲Jupiter Project (LIVE)
▲DJ Draft
▲Monty & The Face (George FM/TVNZ U)
▲Lost Boys
▲Mad World
▲Jake & Josh
▲Michael Ross (he knows he's playing now)

So naturally it’s going to be a party of epic proportions, so again I warn you get in early. It also means you’ll get the jump on drink specials and get to see all of the colossal line up.