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The Soldier of Love Returns - Sade


Image/Sony Music

Hi all,

Remember sultry Nigerian-British songstress Sade Adu? I’m sure you do! Well, after ten long years since her last CD, Lover’s Rock, was released she’s due to release a new one entitled “Solider of Love” on February 8th, 2010!



Though no details about Sade's new music have yet been revealed, one artist heard early versions of several songs: Maxwell, a fellow Sony recording artist and longtime friend and collaborator with Matthewman. The R&B singer sent a message to fans in March via his private Facebook page in which he indicated that he'd heard some of his labelmate's new recordings. "Trust me, it's so monolithic it'll shake you in your shoes!" he wrote. Source/

Kind regards

Video/Epic Records

It’s MASSIVE – New Massive Attack CD Soon!


Image/Massive Attack

Hi all,

The original trip-hoppers, Bristol’s Massive Attack, have finally let us know when their new CD is due to be released. It’s entitled “Heligoland” and should be in stores on February 8th 2010!

Are you excited or what? I am! Wooohooohooohooo! :D

The track listing is tentatively as follows:

Pray For Rain
Splitting The Atom
Girl I Love You
Flat Of The Blade
Paradise Circus
Rush Minute
Saturday Come Slow
Atlas Air

Heligoland will feature vocalists are Horace Andy, Martina Topley Bird, Damon Albarn, Tunde Adebimpe, Guy Garvey, Hope Sandoval and, of course, founding members Robert "3D" Del Naja and Grant "Daddy G" Marshall.

Kind regards

Video/Massive Attack

Fashion Beauty Music – The Music

Images/A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

Hi all,

This is the last part of my review of Fashion Beauty Music which was held on November 21 at the Kelliher Estate.

The headlining act at FBM was internationally known House diva Terri Bjerre (aka Terri B.) and she most definitely rocked the house that night!

Terri works alongside some of the most successful dance artists in the industry, and she’s released recordings with such notables as Roger Sanchez, D.O.N.S, Mark Trophy, Francesco Diaz, John Dahlback, Jerry Ropero, and Eric Smax.

She’s a big woman with a big voice and the crowd responded well to her. At one point during the show Terri came down from the stage and sung and dance with us on the floor. Everybody just loved that!

I got to speak with her briefly and learned that she’s originally from Washington D.C. which is about 65 miles north of where I was born in Virginia. So she’s my homegirl! ;)

Just to give you all a taste of Terri’s considerable talent, please enjoy the embedded video below, and do enjoy my above slideshow of her performance at FBM!

Kind regards

Fashion Beauty Music Preview


Image/A Colourful Guy

Hi all,

I just returned a couple of hours ago from Fashion Beauty Music and I had a pretty good time.

If you like big, expensive, high profile House music parties, combined with a fashion show by two of Auckland’s best young designers, and attended by beautiful people, well, this one was the place to be!

Just to whet your appetites I’ve uploaded the one photo above and I’m planning on uploading more later today; after I get some much needed sleep first. Hopefully, my photography skills are improving and the new camera definitely helps with that. Although one probably wont be able to tell from here as Blogger insist on compressing the very last drop of quality out of every photo it gets it’s mitts on!

Kind regards

Running with the Wolves - Twilight: New Moon

Myself and actor Bronson Pelletier (the werewolf Jared) from Twilight: New Moon.
Image/A Colourful Guy

Hi all,

Twilight: New Moon kicked off here at midnight and while I didn’t go to the premier I will be seeing the movie sometime very soon.

Just for the record, I am a Twilight fan, and I’m about as far from a fourteen year old girl as one could get. ;)

I tend to be enjoy vampire movies anyway, and I definitely like werewolves, as I’ve been known to howl at the Moon myself on occasion. So Twilight: New Moon should be right up my alley.

Kind regards

Al Green Sexes Up NZ!


Video/Gabe Solomon Music/Al Green

Hi all,

I just found out a couple of days ago that legendary soul singer, Al Green, is playing in Auckland on the 21st of January, 2010 at the Civic. This will be Al’s first ever appearance in New Zealand.

My father was, and probably still is, a huge Al Green fan. And, I can recall many an hour spent cruising around with Dad in the car as we listened to Al’s silky-smooth singing voice on an 8 track deck. Yes! That was a long time ago! ;)

In terms of his music, Al has this knack for blending emotion and erotica in such a way that neither overpowered the other. In other words: He wants you to give it to him and not hold back with it. But, he’s going remind you that he loves you while you do so. ;)

Al has had a very lengthy career spanning some 40+ years. He’s released 40+ albums so far, selling 150+ million copies, and has won 11 Grammys!

I may see some of you at the show!

Kind regards



Juice TV/Redbull Live Session at Juice Bar

Images/A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

Hi all,

After I had finished up with the AUT Fashion and Textiles Exhibition on Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of accompanying Bharat Jamnadas, Senior Reporter/Director at Asia Downunder, and King Kapisi’s brother to a Juice TV/Redbull Live Session at the Juice Bar in Parnell.

This was the first Juice TV function I’d ever been to and quite enjoyed it. While I didn’t care for the band that was on that night – some indie Rock group – I did enjoy the venue and the company of many of Auckland’s music, television and print media community.

The Juice Bar was sufficiently dark, hip and lounge-like for my taste, with a nice outdoor courtyard where one can smoke, booze, chat, laugh and schmooze to one’s heart’s content.

Since the function had an open bar, we all took advantage of it by downing as many Vodka and Redbull mixed drinks as possible. Fortunately, no one was stumbling when we left, even after all that Vodka – it must have been the Redbull helping to keep us steady. ;)

From the Juice Bar we headed to the Ponsonby Social Club, which is located right beside the ever-so-trendy restaurant, SPQR.

DJ Manual Bundy was on that night and spun some mighty soul and hip-hop flavoured tunes. Supposedly, Manual is one of the top DJ’s in New Zealand. However, I’d never heard of him before – I must be living under a rock. ;)

Kind regards