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Juice TV/Redbull Live Session at Juice Bar

Images/A Colourful Guy (double click to enlarge)

Hi all,

After I had finished up with the AUT Fashion and Textiles Exhibition on Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of accompanying Bharat Jamnadas, Senior Reporter/Director at Asia Downunder, and King Kapisi’s brother to a Juice TV/Redbull Live Session at the Juice Bar in Parnell.

This was the first Juice TV function I’d ever been to and quite enjoyed it. While I didn’t care for the band that was on that night – some indie Rock group – I did enjoy the venue and the company of many of Auckland’s music, television and print media community.

The Juice Bar was sufficiently dark, hip and lounge-like for my taste, with a nice outdoor courtyard where one can smoke, booze, chat, laugh and schmooze to one’s heart’s content.

Since the function had an open bar, we all took advantage of it by downing as many Vodka and Redbull mixed drinks as possible. Fortunately, no one was stumbling when we left, even after all that Vodka – it must have been the Redbull helping to keep us steady. ;)

From the Juice Bar we headed to the Ponsonby Social Club, which is located right beside the ever-so-trendy restaurant, SPQR.

DJ Manual Bundy was on that night and spun some mighty soul and hip-hop flavoured tunes. Supposedly, Manual is one of the top DJ’s in New Zealand. However, I’d never heard of him before – I must be living under a rock. ;)

Kind regards