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Indian Electronica Podcast #023 - Abdul Smooth (Live Mix)

Abdul Smooth

Back in the studio, Abdul Smooth delivers a live mix featuring a dub influence and comprised of tracks produced at various points in the past decade+. Featuring diverse artists such as New Zealand-based Scalper, the Suns of Arqa and Rachid Taha this is yet another unique episode from

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Length: 57:13min


1. The Calling (Freeman Remix) - Pressure Drop
2. I Am That I Am - Radiohiro
3. Ethni-City - Shri
4. Lotus - Liquid Stranger
5. Barra Barra - Rachid Taha
6. Repent (Not Repented Yet) - Fun-Da-Mental
7. Tumbi Blaster (Instrumental Mix) - David Starfire
8. Sufani - Gaudi (feat. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)
9. Black Glory - Scalper
10. Warrior Dub - Alex Theory
11. Raga Puria Dhaneshri - Suns of Arqa