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Shot of the Day – Highlife NYE Experience 2009/10


Hi all,

While I was browsing through all the photos I took last night at Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10 in preparation for all the editing work I now need to do, I came across one shot, which I embedded above, that for me just sums up the spirit of whole event quite well.

The shot was taken in the last few minutes of the party. So all the hardest of the hardcore partygoers – you know, the last standing - were really wildin’ out over at the Sol Beer tropical beach area were all the Funk, Soul and old school Hip-Hop and RnB  was being spun by some top DJs.

Girls were being pulled up on stage to dance; the DJ wound up passing that Vodka around, which really didn’t help my photography much *wink*; the bass was so loud I almost lost the contents of my stomach. LOL!


Kind regards