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Highlife NYE Experience 2009/10 Preview


Hi all,

Well, as you can surmise from the fact that I actually posted something today, I survived Highlife New Year’s Eve Experience 2009/10 pretty much unscathed.

While I’m feeling a little fuzzy headed - 750ml of Van Gogh Vanilla Vodka, 500 ml of Albert le Brun Champagne and a few puffs will do that to one I suppose – all and all I’m in very good spirits and am really looking forward to the year ahead.

As for the party itself, it was a very well organized and highly entertaining event.  ;)

While I wont do a review or post tons of photos from it now - I think I have close to 600 – I’ve posted a photo above of one of the stilt-walking clowns that was roaming around the venue for your amusement.

Kind regards