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Virgo feat. Tokyo Street Gang (Jay Bulletproof) @ InkCoherent

Tokyo Street Gang - Spellbound (Dan Aux Club Mix)


Friday, September 10 at 10:00pm – Saturday, September 11 at 7:00am

Ink/Coherent K'rd

September is the month to celebrate your birthday if you are a Virgo. If you were born a Virgo, you can almost guarantee that you are the product of Christmas or New Years Tom Foolery. Luckily for us, many parents of the top DJs in Auckland were rolling in the hay during the Christmas Holidays.

This year we are celebrating the Virgo birthday party at Ink and Coherent on K'rd in Auckland. Some of Auckland's top talents will be performing on the night. Regardless of if you are a Virgo, this night is not to be missed.

Line Up:

Tokyo Street Gang (DJ Set) - This is a new performance from a New Zealand favorite. Jay Pots from Bulletproof will be performing under his new moniker. If you haven't scoped his newest videos on Myspace, have a look:

Dick Johnson - He is a dope ass British import who now rules the local scene. He has just started a new label called Neat Recordings, an offshoot of the classic label Paper from the late 90's to mid 2000's. Scope out one of his new tunes below:

Thomas Sahs - This is my party. You may know me from my house music days with Public Access, my brief stint in a my band Honey Claws, or my obnoxious American accent on BFM's Crunkbox show. Regardless, I will have a batch of extraordinary music to deliver live via the Junkbox 3.0. Check out some of the new stuff I have been working on:

Tim Richards - Tim has a myriad of new productions coming out on labels such as: Grindhouse, Curfew and Deib Audio. He is multi talented on the decks as well. He also played at one of my favorite clubs in San Francisco with my homeboy Sascha from Houston. Scope out his Myspace page for updates on his latest work:

Dj Philippa - She is perhaps the most prolific female DJ in New Zealand. She is also a hell of a house dj. You can actually learn how to mix from her at MAINZ or by listening to her show on George. Scope out her interview on

Jamie D (Jores) - Originally from South Africa, Jamie is an up and coming talent. He has releases coming out on llegal Cargo Records, Lot 49, Greencote Records, Brain Kat Records, HuHu Music and more to come! Scope out his jams:

Amy B - She just got back from rocking it in Vancouver, one of my favorite cities. Many say it is a lot like Auckland. She now works at George as the events manager and is back on the scene.

Brad Cree - Brad is an old school player who can be found at Mix Foundation on High Street. He can rock the party for shizzle!