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N-Type (UK) @ Ultrabar DC

MA1 - I'm Right Here - N Type Remix

3D | ULTRA BASS with N-TYPE @ Ultrabar DC

Wednesday, November 10 at 8:00pm - November 11 at 2:30am

911 F St NW
Washington, DC

3D Productions

It's official....

YOU asked for it and WE delivered:

3D Productions presents...

A new dubstep monthly party, right here in the nations capital!!!

On Wednesday, November 10 we are bringing you the first of many to come, featuring:

UK heavyweight; N-TYPE

"People once said that dubstep was too slow, dark and sparse to translate to worldwide dancefloors. Of course that was before the acetate addicted and overall sub-sonic miscreant N-Type showed up to prove the doubters so, so wrong. Combining searing white-hot selection with a 30 dubs-per-hour freestyle mix rate, N-Type’s DJing style takes many cues from legendary garage don EZ, yet it is N-Type’s hyperactivity in the mix which really marks him out from the rest. Where other DJs maintain their traditional surly personae, N-type can be found raving it up in the booth, bobbing with the crowd, and sporting a shower-face of almost comic proportions.

Listening to his show on Rinse (every Sunday 11pm-1am GMT) you can’t help but smile too. N Type’s chatterbox delivery is almost as relentless as his selection and he’s just as likely to tell you what he had for dinner as he is to tell you the name of the current dub he’s playing, but it all adds to the charm. Ultimately, it is this unmatched level of infectious enthusiasm that has earned N-type the twin titles of ‘Best DJ’ and ‘Best Radio Show’ on the dubstepforum awards, a coveted FWD>> residency and following that his mixing of the latest instalment in the Dubstep Allstars series."


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