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Give A Fuck - The ARC, Homebrew & Chaos in the CBD!

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Homebrew - Benefit

Friday, May 20 at 11:00pm - May 21 at 2:00am

THE ARC and HOME BREW CREW come to Coherent to Kill Em All

Coherent is made for rap shows, and Home Brew will be bouncing metaphors off the ceilings from 12. It will feel like Wu Tang at the tunnel, especially if you squint so it looks like there are more members.

THE ARC will then play until close, making everything go rainbow colours and your voice hoarse from singing along.

Joined by the Titans of house, Chaos Dans Le CBD and their rowdy mates mr mozzie, Farley Daniel and Finders Sables in Ink, this is gonna be like one big house party with everyone playing different iPods in different 'zones'

The only party that matters this Friday