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Booyah! 1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back @ Coherent

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November 25, 2011 at 10:00am until Yesterday at 5:00am

Fundamental Proudly Presents.. Booyah!

A night celebrating Jungle music in all its iterations. From Reggae and the original Jungle Sound, through its evolution into Drum & Bass, Garage and more recently Jungle influenced sounds including Dubstep, J.Tek, 3beat, Juke etc. This is the first installment of an on going series that will showcase the country’s wide range of Jungle minded talent.

On these nights the roots of Jungle will always be represented by strictly vinyl sets. We see this as fundamental. Aiming to deliver not just the anthems but also rare dubplates in their original glory. The future of the sound will be equally represented with DJ sets showcasing the latest aspects of the Jungle movement including the hottest digi-dub selections on offer.

So round up the whistle posse, get yourself an air-horn and dust off that itchy lighter finger!


Dubhead (Strictly 45 Reggae)

Selecting the sounds since 1983, Dubhead is one of Aotearoa's authorities on Reggae and Dub. Bringing a heavyweight selection on original 7" vinyl, this key set will showcase the roots of not just Jungle but DJ culture in general.

48 Sonic (93-95 Harcore Jungle)

A true veteran of the New Zealand Jungle scene 48 is no stranger to Hardcore, Jungle and Drum & Bass. Having never sold a plate in his 25 years of collecting records he is the prime candidate to represent the early years of Jungle. Push up your lighter!

Wizard (Oldskool Drum & Bass)

Originally hailing from the Jungle epicenter Christchurch Wizard has been mixing Jungle and Drum & Bass since day dot. Don't miss this rare opportunity to witness a true don rolling out his pick of old skool D&B classics.

Flex (Jump Up Jungle & D&B)

Having held the Rumble In The Jungle and Dubclash titles Flex holds a wide appreciation for breakneck riddims. Playing and Promoting Jungle since 97 he has teamed up with fellow Junglist Insomniac to bring you Booyah!, a follow up to the highly successful Run It Red at Fu (RIP).

Lowquid b2b Fakawi (Legit Dubstep)

Biological and musical brothers hold tight for a set of rib rattling proportions from these two badmen. With gems dug deep from the crates you will experience true dubstep in its original form. We are talking bass heavy goodness not that screechy 'fighting robots' noize.

Insomniac (Future Bass)

Having recently moved on from his role as program director at Quake City's RDU Insomniacs job is to know where music is heading. Expect the most upfront in bass heavy Jungle informed sounds from this top selector.


Rugged Tekniques

Originally from England Tek was quickly adopted by the Wellington Drum & Bass scene and MCed events for the full spectrum of headliners and promoters. Now based in Auckland he is heralded as New Zealand's premier Grime MC and wields the versatility to rip over almost any bass heavy style.

Live aerosol art demonstration by Jdubs (Wall Spice)

InkCoherent (K'rd's Premier Dance Music Venue)