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Freestylers (UK) @ InkCoherent

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Give Me A Dub Plate - Freestylers

Friday, December 30, 2011

Time 10:00pm until 7:00am

After a fifteen-year career which has seen the Freestylers cover all bases from the biggest festivals and most talked about nightclubs around the world, global dance charts and even the legendary UK music show Top Of The Pops, they have achieved the kind of success most artists can only dream of. And now, with attention firmly turned to the studio, it’s fair to say Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey are set for a veritable assault on the music scene in 2011.

After discovering a mutual love of hip-hop and electro, Matt and Aston started making tracks together in the mid ‘90’s and have honed their craft across countless genres since. Currently focusing on everything from breaks to ragga and dubstep, their ever-eclectic style rings true with each track unleashed from their palms.

Since last year’s release of ‘Cracks’, which has soared past 3 million hits on YouTube, fans and media have been waiting with baited breath for their next move. Upcoming EP ‘Frozen’ looks set to cause big waves when it hits stores in the coming weeks, and with countless hours of studio time booked in, keep those eyes peeled for their new artist album due to touch down at the later end of the year…

Releases aside, the Freestylers 2011 gig diary is filling up at speed, with only the coolest festivals and venues on their hit list. Anyone who’s experienced a Freestylers set will know what we mean when we say, you will be rocked hard, and those that haven’t… what are you waiting for??

If you are into breaks then this party is for you!