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Dropped w/ Northie (AU) @ InkCoherent Set #1

Northie - The Return to NZ Mini Mix 2010

Time    July 31 at 10:00pm - August 1 at 7:30am

Location    Ink and Coherent

Created By    DROPPED

$10 all night for two clubs, one international, Wellington's hottest DJ + live MC combo along with a quality local lineup. And the karaoke room. Ahhhh, the karaoke room.

We've got a double decker party bus rocking up at 11pm from out West (happy birthday Travis), the Whangarei, Hamilton and the Wellington mules coming down/up/up.. not to mention all you lovely locals.

Northie (Oz)
Some of you may have come to his first gig in Auckland late last year. If you missed out rest assured it was a doozy, you can check some video footage of it here: - he brings a fair amount of energy and involvement to his sets.

He has been a busy lad since then and is now working on a couple of different music projects. I better check I've got this right but basically his club alias is going to become NXE very soon and he is going to keep Northie for his Powerpop/Electro cross-over stuff. Which is doing pretty fucking well, it was in the iTunes top 20 dance albums, received major radio attention in Australia and had a sold out launch show. It might not be your cup of tea but check it:

But that is besides the point as he will be doing a good 'ole fashioned NXE club set for us. To get a taste of what you'll be hearing on the night check out this exclusive Auckland mix - - all made up of his own NXE stuff. Big labels, big names, big releases all coming soon - NZ will be the first to hear the NXE madness.

Whatever way you look at it, the dude has some pretty mad talent. Its a breath of fresh air. Its good. Without artists like this music wouldn't evolve. Not to mention his great head of hair.

MC Ghost (UK) and Rollout from the Brutal Bunch.
These guys have been KILLING it in Wellington recently and this will be their first appearance in Auckland. Bring on something new I say. To be honest I've never actually met either of them or even seen them play but word has been spreading and they look like they know how to party:

MC Ghost was born and raised in Doncaster, England and has since moved to Wellington where he is notorious for his off the cuff aggressive freestyles and explosive crowd hyping. Sounds good to me! Rollout on the other hand is one of Wellingtons fully fledged originator DJs at the helm of the Electro/Dubstep community. He is also the current Wellington Club DJ Spinoff champion with a couple of residencies in Wellington.

Dan Aux, Grant Marshall, Joe B vs Corey K - all well known George DJs, we all know and love them.

Jono Peters: 2010 has been the year of Jono, being named by Greg Churchill as New Zealand's best up and coming DJ. Jono is known for his filthy, disgusting, sick, disturbed sound. Look out for his name from now on.

B-Rad, James Watson and Ezra Park: Good friends of mine who have been itching to play at a good party like this for a while. They are ready and they will be bringing their A-game.

I don't see the point in waiting until a day or two before the gig to announce set times so here they are:

1130-0100 Dan Aux
0100-0300 NORTHIE
0300-0430 MC Ghost and Rollout
0430-0600 B-Rad

Ink: (to open first)
1000-1200 James Watson vs Ezra Park
1200-0200 Grant Marshall
0200-0400 Joe Butler vs Corey K
0400-0600 Jono Peters

If you have a cracking good time there will be some free A3 gig posters available for you to get signed by Northie after he has finished playing for your wall at home or whatever.