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The fAR qUITS – Debut Performance @ Zen!


Time    July 30 at 10:00pm - July 31 at 6:00am

Location    ZEN
17 Albert Street
Auckland, New Zealand

Mitch Lowe, Far Quits, Benjamin Cooper, Michael Chitham



FRIDAY 30th July 2010 @ ZEN BAR

A night where being a fAR qUIT is considered a good thing.

The most outrageous outfit/funniest costume wins $100 bar tab. Dressing up is not compulsory, in fact you can do what you like, the way you want to do it. We do ask however that you get out of control, just this once or twice.

A night of BREAKS, dubstep and DnB. Prepare for one hell of a performance. The fAR qUITS will be performing a live audio visual show, featuring instrumental support and the infamous MC Jimmy Reklaw! This interactive triplet, like their name suggests, are crazy.

But lets face it, an act, a venue..You've seen it all before. That ain't how the fAR qUITS do it. How about clowns, candy floss machines or perhaps a midget pouring drinks in your mouth, get a bit of that down ya. Done.

The Lineup


Support from

✖ Timmy Shcumacher ...(Breaks)

✖ Page 3 .......................(Breaks)

✖ Danny G ....................(Dubstep)

✖ Joe B vs Corey K ........(DnB/Dubstep)

✖ Grubby Beats............. (Breaks)

✖ Brett Bronze ..............(Breaks mash up)



Welcome to a new world. The world of fAR qUITS.

Take 3 iron's, a dishwasher and some baking soda, put it in a bowl and give it a good stir. What one would normally expect to gain from that concoction is an assortment of appliances and some powder, not the fAR qUITS.....

Proving that being a fAR qUIT is sometimes more prudent than actually using common sense. This trifecta is not a force to be reckoned with at all, in fact, they don't have the ability to force a reckoning upon anyone. Who has been faced with a sensible opportunity and instead said negative, no, nada? Well, that's precisely what the fAR qUIT's are about, changing lightbulbs.

Intentionally bringing the newest and the oldest in Breaks, however intentions being just that.....intentions. They may be inclined to branch out with a dabble of Dubstep, Drum n' Bass and the odd Electro banger, or any other interesting genres that they can get their hands on. Smidgen of industrial folk trance anyone?....Easy tiger that will do.

Please join us on an adventurous mission in unnatural surroundings. The result? Positive.


1. So... why the name fAR qUITS?
Basically we want to represent what we are, and it's just that, fAR qUITS.

2. Who’s in the group and what are your backgrounds?
Ben Cooper is an amateur taxidermist and budding producer (formally from Mt Eden Dubstep). Mitch Lowe is an indecisive jewellery manufacturer and is also putting his finger in the production pie. Mike Chitham reigns from a different field with a knowledgeable history in baking and electronic music.

3. What style are you producing?
fAR qUITs are about breaks. Not just breaking things but producing the music too. Our promo CD titled "The Break Debate" features a unique mash-up of breaks, dubstep and the odd party banger.

4. What tracks are in the pipelines for you?
We are very excited about some upcoming releases including new originals and a few bootlegs. (Watch this space). If our music doesn't make you jump then you don't deserve legs.

5. What is your goal?
Quite simply, we are full of surprises. Our aim is to be more than just your typical DJ set. With the fAR qUITS, expect the unexpected, from gorilla and Santa suits to outrageous stage antics. Normal is not in our vocabulary.

6. How long has this been in the works for?
Well technically since birth. It was only a matter of time.

7. Are you signed to a record label?
We once signed a record label, but I guess with a crayon it doesn't count.

8. When and where is your gig taking place?
The infamous Fu/Zen is where it's at. 30th of July will be the date where happiness becomes even happier.

9. What is the fAR qUITS philosophy?
To make ridiculous an understatement.

10. Anything else you want to tell us that we don’t already know?
A wenus is the skin that dangles off the elbow.