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Upcoming! Velvet sessions*) Private Affair w/Jamie Stevens

Darius Bassiray - "Redline" (Jamie Stevens Sleazy Swinger Remix) Low Quality preview by Jamie Stevens

Intimate ~ For the Soul ~ Underground

Recognised as one of the most influential events in the history of New Zealand dance music and considered by many to be the benchmark in innovation, originality, and quality experience, the legendary Velvet is back with another instalment of sessions*). Designed with your upmost comfort in mind, this one is strictly a Private Affair.

sessions)* is not just any ordinary club night out. sessions*) will bring to you a whole new level of carefully thought out entertainment, visual experience and environment design.

Experience Ink & Coherent as you have never seen or felt them before! Even if you went to the last packed instalment in January, on Saturday the 21st of August you will be walking in to a brand new environment. Expect the best production and thought out environment design of them all. Expect to have your expectations of what you deserve in a night out for your dollar, to be exceeded and the bar raised. Expect colours, textures and spaces to tantalize. Expect the best sound quality. Expect the unexpected.

Experience our legendary stylish, mature crowd or regular supporters, you - our family.... and that intimate, friendly and up-for-it vibe that has not changed since the first party of 170 friends in 1999!

R22 for a reason! WE’RE OLD!

Experience a line up of unequalled smoothness, diversity and quality.

Experience sessions*) Not just a mere party. An experience worthy of your discerning tastes, an experience you will remember, an experience that will stand out from the ordinary. We promise.