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HavocNdeeD (USA) @ Rising Sun Photoset Preview


DJs OB-One (l) and J. Paul (r) of HavocNdeeD.

Hi peeps,

I just returned moments ago from the HavocNdeeD gig at the Rising Sun and above is a photo to prove it! ;)

OB-One and J. Paul put on a very righteous, dubby, bass heavy performance – so bass heavy I almost lost my dinner – and as I was to discover, after I rounded them up for some intimate photos, they’re both very nice guys. Also, it was good to talk to some fellow Americans as it’s been awhile since I’ve done so. However, don’t think I’m getting all patriotic and homesick, because I’m not! ;)

The guys were telling me that this was their first trip to Oceania and that they really quite liked the whole relaxed vibe down here. I happen to agree with them, by the way.

Please be on the lookup for more photos from the gig later.

Kind regards

Update: I thought I’d embed one of HavocNdeeD’s tracks below so you can hear what you missed if you didn’t attend last night’s gig. ;)

Headspin (Vocal Version ft. Skaught Parry) - HavocNdeeD