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Sometime Sad Day – Rufige Kru/Goldie (Video)

Hi all,

I just happened to pick up Goldie’s newest album, Memoirs Of An Afterlife, yesterday and even though it’s about 8 months old by now I’m really enjoying it. I feel it’s a glimpse into the future of DnB by none other than one the genre’s chief founders and architects.

The album was released under Goldie’s Rufige Kru moniker. However, regardless of the name Goldie uses, we all know it’s still the man himself. ;)

Anyway, I was just sitting here doing the social media thing and the above track popped up on my smartphone/media player.

I was so moved by it that I just had to share it with you all. If you give it a good listen I think you’ll understand why.

Kind regards



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