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Shots of the Day – Mystro (UK) @ The Khuja Lounge

OK, peeps!

Here they are! My best photos from Mystro’s stellar performance at The Khuja Lounge last Saturday night!

As I mentioned previously, Mystro put on one hell of a performance that even got me dancin’! However, what I didn’t mention was that I spent a fair amount of time talking with him, and found him to be a very nice, intelligent and exceptionally talented guy who seems to really appreciate his fans.

He and I chatted about a number of topics, none of which I’ll go into here as we were just doing so casually and I wouldn’t want to betray his trust. However, it was all good though. ;)

If you haven’t heard of Mystro, or his music before, I do highly recommend checking him out because I think he’s one to watch.

Kind regards