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Boom Monk Ben (UK) ‘Here Come The Dumbstepper’ Mini Mix


Boom Monk Ben recorded this mix for Melbourne’s Alchemy Radio while on the ‘Reels of Solid Steel Tour’ across Australia & New Zealand with Cheeba. It’s 30 minutes of summer dubwise vibes that’s bound to get your cabin skank on…

Boom Monk Ben ‘Here Come The Dumbstepper’ Mix (Direct Link)

1. Pinch & Yolanda – Get Up (Guido Remix) (Tectonic)
2. L-Wiz - Girl From Codeine City (Dub Thief’s)
3. EVS – Let It Go (Studio Rockers)
4. G31 – Champion Sound (Unreleased)
5. Cotti - Rise The Temperature feat Doctor (Insanity)
6. Taz Buckfaster – 20 Red (Rwina Records)
7. Emalkay – My Story (Boka Records)
8. Fletcher – Dreadlox Dub (African Dope)
9. Basement Freaks – Jam In The Jungle (Parker Remix) (Forthcoming Breakbeat Paradise)
10. Fat Freddy's Drop – The Raft (Mix n Blend & SFR Remix) (Unreleased)


Hi all,

I just got through listening to this and just had to let you all know about it. It’s a great mix!

I understand that Boom Monk Ben and DJ Cheeba will be here in Auckland on March 13th.

More news as I come by it.

Kind regards