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Artists - Maz Melhuish aka Jaded Sphnix (Video)

Hi all,

I was just browsing the Web, as I do, looking for interesting things to blog about and I happened to run across the above featured video portfolio of multi-talented, New Zealand Maori artist Maz Melhish aka Jaded Sphnix.

When I write that Maz is multi-talented, what I’m referring to is the number of outlets in which she expresses herself. Her areas of creative pursuit include sketching, painting, sculpting, photography, make-up, special effects, body art, photo manipulation, website design and graphic design.

Oddly enough, she and I have spoken from time to time on Twitter. However, I wasn’t aware of the magnitude of her talents until now - I must have been sleeping on that one! ;)

Anyway, please do view Maz’s video portfolio – it’s a live one - and do check her out at the hyperlink above.

Kind regards