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Upcoming - The Gaslamp Killer @ The Bacca Room!

The Gaslamp Killer is a Los Angeles-based DJ whose eclectic animal style ranges from psychedelia and world music to dubstep and left-field hip-hop. Associated with Flying Lotus Brainfeeder Records, he made his production debut in the late 2000s with a series of EPs.

Born William Benjamin Bensussen, he originally comes from San Diego, CA, whose downtown Gaslamp District’s bar scene inspired him to name himself The Gaslamp Killer in disgust for much of the patronage. But his real home is behind the turntables, where his wild style takes DJing into the realm of freak fest psychedelia.

Upon relocating to Los Angeles, he found a niche for himself amid the city’s massive underground party scene and ultimately found a home for himself as a resident DJ at the club Low End Theory, which resulted in a series of club-sponsored podcasts. He also released a series of mix CDs, among them Gaslamp Killers (2007), Its a Rocky Road (2007), I Spit On Your Grave (2008), Hell and the Lake of Fire Are Waiting For You! (2009) and All Killer (2009), the latter a label showcase for the London-based world psychedelia imprint Finders Keepers Records.

As a producer, The Gaslamp Killer made his debut in the late 2000s, releasing, a split single with Free the Robots The Killer Robots, in 2008 and EP My Troubled Mind in 2009.

Source/Beats People Movement