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Lord Bishop Rocks The Bacca Room!


When: Wed 10 Feb, 9:00pm–11:45pm 

Where: The Bacco Room, 53 Nelson St, Auckland CBD

The king of sex-rock is coming to New Zealand!

He's flamboyant, sexy, rude, wild, he's the one and only Lord Bishop, performing live at the Bacco room in Auckland.

With support from with Source Force Five Surf Friends and The Dirty Sweets.

Lord Bishop could be called the original punk, resuming where MC5 left. He's filled with the energy of black rock icons like Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone. He's not exactly an overly talented guitar player, and he's also crafting his songs that they survive without solos, but the sheer energy he's putting into bullet fast songs like War Stop The War or Devil Inside put him apart from most other bands.

Lord Bishop is playing deliberately with clichés, hiding his cultivated and intelligent inner self behind a shocking stage persona that is as acutely sexist as it is radically anarchist, when it comes to political points of view. I know a lot of people who absolutely hate everything the Lord does, but I know just as many who adore his shameless take on punk and rock'n'roll. There is no middle ground possible here, and I am proud to tell that I belong to the latter group.

Source/Powertool Records

For the first time ever Lord Bishop Rocks! will be rocking New Zealand, doing a full national tour. Playing live and touring is what the Lord does best. He plays up to 200 shows a year and is a rock icon in Europe.