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Stillness Is The Move – Dirty Projectors (Video)

Hi all,

I was just watching one of New Zealand’s national music TV channels and they played the above featured video, by a band called Dirty Projectors, which I found very interesting.

What I found interesting about it is that the music has a very African feel to it and the lead vocalist, Amber Coffman, sings in style that is reminiscent of female African-American R&B singers.

This isn’t the first time that musicians of European descent have experimented with African and African-American invented musical styles, sometimes very successfully I might add, and I’ve never had a problem with them doing so as long as they acknowledge their influences. However, I still sit up and take notice every time they do and compare them to their Black contemporaries for authenticity.

Dirty Projectors are scheduled to perform at Auckland’s Montecristo Room on March 3. Perhaps I’ll go down and check them out in person.

Kind regards