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Sure-fire way to have your photo deleted!


Hi all,

It would seem that some people think they’ll get their photo featured on this blog if they demand I snap them when they encounter me at an event.

Depending on the person, and the way the demand is put forth, I may snap the photo without an argument or I may not. However, my not arguing isn’t due to being intimidated by them.

Sometimes I just don’t feel like butting heads with a control freak or a narcissist for whatever reason.

For the record, I am not an event photographer, unofficial or otherwise, and I don’t want to be one!

When I’m at a high profile event I’m there capturing and reviewing what’s important to me, and a growing international audience, so that I can feature it on this blog.  Therefore, I’m acting as a journalist who just happens to be carrying a high-end camera around with him.

If you’re not interesting enough, famous enough, or not a friend of mine, I have absolutely no desire to snap your photo! Sorry, but that’s just how it goes! However, if you ask me nicely I’ll most likely snap a photo and it’ll probably be featured on the blog.

Rule #1 when dealing with any photographer: Don’t be demanding with them, especially if you aren’t paying them, because I can guarantee you that even if they comply they’ll delete the photo at their first opportunity.

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!