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Shot of the Day – Michelle Wilson and Bill Gray!


Hi all,

Featured above are fashion designer Michelle Wilson, of the designer label Michelle Yvette, and all around nice guy, citizen photojournalist, science whiz and oh-so-sexy Party Boy, Bill Gray. Yeah, that’s right! It’s meeeee! LOL! :)

Michelle and I were just hamming it up on our way back to the ferry off of Waiheke Island after I had spent a very enjoyable time with her and her friends at Fiesta Del Sol on Saturday night.

Since I don’t often get the camera turned on myself these days – I’m not really that much of a narcissist - Michelle suggested that I be featured in some photos and I was happy to comply! :)

I hear through the grapevine that Michelle has very recently become engaged. Now, I’ve met her fiancé, Bari, and he’s a very nice guy and I’m sure they’ll both be very happy together.

Kind regards


Hans Versluys said...

Hi, linked to your pictures of Fiesta Del Sol on my blog.

A Colourful Guy Drowning said...

Thanks, Uroskin!

I like your description of the JAFA crowd even though I am friends with some of them! LOL! :)