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Shots of the Day – Thursday Morning Pole Dancers

Hi all,

Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, after the Lord Bishop gig, I decided to roam the dance clubs of Central Auckland looking for interesting people and things to photograph.

I very much enjoy dance club photography because, generally, people are at their most relaxed in such environments. They’re just there to have a good time and to forget their troubles and dance, if I may be so bold as to quote Bob Marley. ;)

Speaking of relaxed, the two young women featured above, totally unprompted by me of course, decided to perform for my camera’s benefit upon seeing me snapping away at this one club - I don’t recall the name -  I happened to walk into.

The results, I feel, are spectacular!

Now, I didn’t catch their names – I wasn’t really interested in them as people, just as photographic subjects - and I have no idea if either of them was a professionally trained dancer. However, I did very much enjoy their performance as it was very free, uninhibited and sensual without being overtly sexual. (I’m not some middle aged pervert with a camera going around stalking young women.)

Kind regards